Multiple skills at service | Viviana Trujillo

Small companies and businesses in the for purpose sector most of the time, need to rely on people who have gained multiple experiences and skills. Resources are often limited and having someone who has a wider vision and expertise could be key to success. Viviana is from Colombia, and in her working experience, she has […]

How to Easily Hire On-Purpose Remote Freelancers

Hiring great talent has always been the goal. Still, in recent years there has been an uptake in the desire to hire remote freelancers driven by purpose and care about their impact on the world.  But the process can be unnecessarily drawn out when Hiring Managers get caught up in bottlenecks due to their own […]

Why on-demand talent matters in uncertain times

We’ve been big believers in flexible work arrangements and the importance of on-demand talent for a very long time now. But never in our wildest dreams did we imagine a time when the concept would matter this much. Never could we have predicted that this modern approach to work relations would move from rare to […]

What does success look like to a freelancer?

In the traditional workspace, success isn’t hard to define. In fact, it’s often mapped out very clearly by a manager with dot points, rewards and timelines designed to stimulate purpose and determination. The ladder is right there; all the employee needs to do is climb it.  For freelancers, success is an independently constructed vision. With […]