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Bespoke solutions for all your global talent needs

Hire the best independent contractors across 185+ countries on our platform, and get full talent acquisition and management support from our in-house team.

Sofia O. 🇲🇽

Software Engineer

Emma N. 🇮🇹

Sustainability Consultant

Josh V. 🇵🇭

Lead Generation Specialist

Marco Velasco

Director of Customer Success

“Work for Impact helped us save 30% of our budget and freed up our internal team so we could focus on streamlining operations.”

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Reduce your talent costs, gain agility & drive scalable growth

Access the top 1% of global talent to maximize the ROI of projects and the efficiency of essential business functions.

Build remote teams at pace. Collaborate with your in-house team to accelerate hiring, or get us to handle recruitment for you.

Scale up your capacity in hours or pause your spend in seconds – this is the agility your talent strategy needs.

Global HR, payroll & admin, simplified

Instantly hire fully vetted independent contractors across 185+ countries, leveraging our cutting-edge technology and streamlined legal framework.

Automate billing, invoicing, and protected payments to 200+ countries (you can bring independent contractors you already work with to the platform too!)

Easily understand how your spend breaks down across hires and projects, and give your finance team the power to generate and download advanced reports.

Meet your client success manager

Cris 🇵🇭
Client Success Manager
Work for Impact

Your client success manager acts as a main point of contact, so anyone in your business can tap into our wealth of expertise. They:

Coordinate with our hiring team to find and interview candidates, ensuring the process follows your unique recruitment strategy.

Onboard your in-house team, providing platform demos and one-to-one walkthroughs.

Help create your talent management strategy, drawing on their knowledge about your hires and best practices.

Provide support and global HR solutions in the event of unexpected staffing needs or critical hiring scenarios.

From short-term one-person projects to scalable long-term teams

Flexible outsourcing

Reduce your outsourcing costs, launch in new markets at pace, and scale your capacity up or down with agility.

Value-adding experts

Solve skills gaps with tech-proficient independent contractors and subject matter experts. 

Project teams

Build hybrid and remote teams capable of delivering complex projects on budget and timeline.

Work for Impact vs traditional outsourcing solutions

The impact you could make

Era 🇽🇰
Pathways Student

When you hire on Work for Impact, you make an impact – not just in your organization, but also in the wider world. Every contract powers education for young people in underserved communities, like Era, a high school graduate and volunteer from Kosovo.

Learn About the Pathways Program

Enterprise-grade security

data encrpytion

Data security

Your data is encrypted and secured by sophisticated network protections, such as DDoS mitigation and spoofing defenses.

platform uptime

99.998% uptime

We leverage the reliability of Amazon data centers and AWS technology to ensure your business operations go uninterrupted.


Roles & permissions

With sophisticated roles and permissions, you can maintain centralized control while giving your team the freedom to collaborate.


Fully vetted talent

We review every independent contractor to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience for the services they offer.

payment protection

Payment protection

Work for Impact is fair and safe for everyone. You can review work logs before you’re billed and get any disputes resolved by our team.


Secure logins

Empower your team with the added convenience, simplicity, and security that single sign-on (SSO) authentication provides.

Unlock your hybrid talent strategy

Say hello to the future of work: exceptional global talent, seamless hybrid collaboration, and ultimate agility.