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A month of zero fees. A lifetime of 5%.

With our referral program, you can access a lifetime of lower independent contractor fees on any contract you move from another platform to Work for Impact.

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How It Works

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How it works

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Step 1

Get your referral link

Sign up (it's free!) or log into your account to find your unique referral link.

Refer your clients

Step 2

Refer your clients

Send your link to existing clients you work with on other platforms.

Get hired

Step 3

Get hired

Your client signs up to Work For Impact, posts a job, and hires you.

Enjoy lower fees

Step 4

Enjoy lower fees

Our team verifies the contract you've moved to the platform, then applies your discounted fees on that contract.

Get Your Referral Link

What you get for bringing a client to Work For Impact

Zero independent contractor fees

On any contract you bring over for your first month

Boosted visibility

Your profile boosted in search results

5% lifetime fee

On every transferred contract

5 extra Impacts

5 Impacts = 5 job proposals

And you’re powering educational equity, helping us deliver more free education through Pathways.

Bring your contracts across & enjoy lower fees

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Video Producer

"What I love most about Work for Impact is that it's a force for good. It helps you land well-paid work that actually makes a positive impact in the world. That really sets it apart from other remote work platforms!"

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What do I need to do to access lower fees?

Just click the link below to find your referral link and share it with your clients. If you don’t have a Work for Impact account yet, the link will take you to the sign-up form first.

Once your client has signed up with their referral link, they’ll be prompted to create a job (for free) and hire you.

Our human team will be manually checking the accuracy of contracts transferred to our platform and then applying the lifetime 5% discount, so we might reach out to you if we need proof or more info.

What if I'm currently paying a 20% fee on a contract on another platform?

Our discounted independent contractor fees and other referral benefits apply to any independent contractor contract on any platform that’s not Work for Impact. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently paying a 5% or 20% fee. For every contract you transfer to us, you’ll get a month of zero fees and then 5% independent contractor fees for life on that contract.

What about your normal fees for new contracts?

For regular contracts that you haven’t transferred from another platform, please refer to our regular pricing structure.

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Why should I use Work for Impact?

Using Work for Impact brings you and your clients a lot of benefits:

  • If you create an hourly contract, you get paid weekly and don’t need to chase down invoices.
  • You can easily track your time, add manual time, and manage your work log.
  • Your client can see your work log, message you, and change your contract terms.
  • When you track your time, you're covered by our payment protection policy.
  • We have a large, supportive, and diverse community of independent contractors.

I've transferred my contract but my fees aren't showing as 5%. What should I do?

If you’ve moved a contract with a client from another platform to Work for Impact but you’re not getting your discounted fees, reach out to us and we’ll figure it out!

Talk to our team

I'm already an independent contractor on Work for Impact. Can I access this offer?

Of course! We’d never leave you folks out – you’re the reason we’ve got this far. If you transfer any existing contracts to our platform, we’ll give you the free month of fees and 5% for the remainder of the contract. Remember, this is only applicable if you bring a new client to the platform.