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Post a job, hire independent contractors, and manage your collaboration in one place. This is how you leverage incredible global talent to grow your business.

Diego A. 🇲🇽

Sales Specialist

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Virtual Assistant

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fully vetted independent contractors



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Marco Bombardi


"Every relationship on Work for Impact has run smoothly. I can delegate effectively and focus on growth."

Hire independent contractors that fuel your growth

Mohamed B. 🇪🇬
Digital Marketing Specialist

Find any skill you need on-demand for both short-term and long-term projects, without needing to hire a full-time employee. Browse expert independent contractors across 290+ categories.

An all-in-one global talent solution

Our talent platform gives you everything you need to hire independent contractors quickly and manage your hybrid team efficiently.

Time tracking, work logs, NDAs, and global payroll – all handled for you.

Bring independent contractors you already work with to the platform to simplify payroll, collaboration, and admin.

Collaborate with your in-house team on hires and outsourced projects.

Hire at lightning speed – let our in-house team handle recruitment and access our bespoke small business solutions.

From short-term one-person projects to scalable long-term teams

On-demand support

Use independent contractor services to complete short-term tasks and fill in when you’re over capacity.

Value-adding experts

Find highly trained independent contractors with niche skills and specific industry expertise.

Remote teams

Build full teams capable of delivering complex projects and services for SMBs and start-ups.

How it works

Find the best independent contractor for the job yourself, or get our in-house recruitment team to handle it for you – they’re experts in hiring for start-ups and SMBs.


Post your first job and start seeing proposals roll in.


Chat with candidates and hold interviews. 


Hire, pay, and manage independent contractors.

The impact you could make

Thaissa 🇧🇷
Pathways Student

When you hire on Work for Impact, you make an impact – not just in your organization, but also in the wider world. Every contract powers education for young people in underserved communities, like Thaissa, an IT management student from Brazil.

Learn About the Pathways Program


Data security

Data security

Your data is encrypted and secured by sophisticated network protections, such as DDoS mitigation and spoofing defenses.

99.998% uptime

99.998% uptime

We leverage the reliability of Amazon data centers and AWS technology to ensure your business operations go uninterrupted.

Roles & permissions

Roles & permissions

With sophisticated roles and permissions, you can maintain centralized control while giving your team the freedom to collaborate.

Fully vetted talent

Fully vetted talent

We review every independent contractor to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience for the services they offer.

Payment protection

Payment protection

Work for Impact is fair and safe for everyone. You can review work logs before you’re billed and get any disputes resolved by our team.

Secure logins

Secure logins

Empower your team with the added convenience, simplicity, and security that single sign-on (SSO) authentication provides.

Bespoke solutions for growing SMBs & start-ups

Need to hire 10+ independent contractors? We can build a tailored recruitment, retention, and talent management solution for your unique start-up or small business needs.