About Work for Impact

The vision behind our global talent platform

A borderless world of work, in which everyone has access to meaningful work opportunities and organizations can scale their impact ethically with diverse global talent

Our global talent solution

To make this vision a reality, we’ve built the fast, ethical, and cost-effective way to find, hire, and manage exceptional independent contractors across 185+ countries. With our global talent platform and bespoke solutions, organizations of any size can tap into a wealth of diverse talent to fill critical skills gaps, build remote teams, and gain workforce agility.

Founding story

How it started

While leading the charity, Beyond the Orphanage, Geoff Hucker worked with an in-house team along with independent talent to help 1K+ children get off the streets. Immersed in the world of hybrid work, he saw the enormous potential for people across the world to find meaningful work opportunities, as well as for organizations like his to scale their impact. However, Geoff also recognized that the world of on-demand work is often unfair for talent and expensive for organizations. Seeing an opportunity to use business to build a better future, he founded Work for Impact.

Now, we fuel the world’s leading hybrid workforces

50% budget saved

15% CSAT increase

150+ independent contractors hired

“The team invests time to understand both our needs and those of our end customers, streamlining the process of finding and onboarding great talent.”

Evan Hopkins

VP of Global Sales & Customer Operations

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25% budget saved

72% improvement in resolution time

72% reduction in reply time

“Work for Impact helped us save 25% of our budget and freed up our internal team so we could focus on streamlining operations.”

Marco Velasco

Director of Customer Success

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60+ independent contractors hired

17 new markets launched in

“I could reach out at any time and my requests were taken seriously. It has always felt like I had a personal contact and that I was not just a number.”

Sandro Schneider

Head of International Markets

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Our impact

Transforming the world of work, today & tomorrow

Creating ethical work opportunities, today

As the independent talent acquisition partner of purpose-driven organizations across the world, we empower diverse talent to earn more while doing meaningful work. Independent contractors on our platform earn at least the living wage (often many times more) and up to 3X what they would at a traditional outsourcing company. To give talent confidence in their livelihood, we also provide payment protection on hourly contracts.

Building a fairer future of work

We believe everyone should have access to meaningful work opportunities, fair payments, and a fair workplace, no matter their background. That’s why we set up the Pathways Program: to provide further education for young people in underserved communities. Every single project and hour worked on our platform funds life-changing education – with the help of clients like you, we’ve been able to power 5K+ hours of education across Brazil, Kenya, Nepal, and more.

Our values

Diversity is our greatest asset

Fostering inclusivity and diversity across our employees, clients, and independent contractors is crucial to our success. We celebrate all our differences, from background to working style to personality.

When in doubt, be kind

As an ambitious team full of people passionate about workforce diversity, we encourage open collaboration and differences of opinion. However, everything we say is underpinned by respect and kindness.

Fairer work starts today

We believe that the fairer future of work starts with the actions we take today. That’s why fairness is at the center of every relationship we build, and every relationship our platform facilitates.

Meet the people behind Work for Impact