10 Ethical digital tools you might need

We rely on apps and other digital tools to accomplish everything from messaging colleagues to finding a restaurant. But not all digital tools are created equal, and by equal, we mean that they provide equal opportunities between users and providers, fair use of data, and adequate privacy provisions. Here are several companies that go beyond […]

9 strategies for engaging remote teams

When I received the opportunity to work remotely, I jumped at the chance to move down the coast to warmer waters and more affordable housing.  I assumed I would maintain the sense of belonging in the company and connection I had enjoyed with my colleagues, especially with monthly visits to the office. Initially, I felt […]

5 reasons freelancing is the future of work

Industry analysts have predicted that freelancing is the future of work for years. They pointed to the fact that freelancers made up a third of the global workforce, 1.1 billion of the 3.5 billion workers in 2019. And in the six years leading up to 2020, the number of people who identified as long-term freelancers — […]

Human-centered Design | Phillip Johnson | Creative Strategist + Designer

Phillip is from the U.S. and has worked extensively on multifaceted communications campaigns across various industries. As the head of an internal creative agency for a global charity, he was responsible for management of all creative assets: to include developing integrated marketing campaigns, creation of all collateral material for both awareness and fundraising, and providing […]

Living a creative life | Magdalena Laas | All-round Creative

Magdalena likes to define herself as a Multi-disciplinary creative, she brings all her knowledge to support projects she believes in. And this process is enabled by a great work-life balance. Here below the areas where she mostly focuses on: Writing, proofreading and editing. Photography. More than a decade of experience in media, i.e. producing factual […]