Share more and waste less |OLIO | Saasha Celestial-One

Food waste is a serious matter, according to UNEP’s latest research “estimates suggest that 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that is not consumed“. That’s why Saasha Celestial-One together with Tessa Clarke decided to create OLIO. It’s a free app connecting individuals within a community to share food and other household […]

A true passion for Data | Geofrey K. | Data Scientist

Data Scientist with a passion for community and giving back. We’re happy to introduce you to a member of our freelancer community Geofrey, from Nairobi, Kenya. He shared: “I won’t feel offended if you call me “Jeff” or “Geoff”. His expertise includes data analysis and interpretation, and the development and implementation of research tools, project design and management, […]

Words with Depth and Purpose | Lucie C. | Editor, copywriter and translator

Translator, copywriter, proofreader, and editor, but with depth and purpose. When we first met Lucie in our Freelancer Community we have been so impressed by the number of great activities she has collected throughout her career. 15 years of experience both as a non-profit founder, grassroot community builder, and project coordinator for city council programs […]

Fighting plastic pollution and helping communities | ReSea Project | Kenny Louring

Kenny Louring is the Marketing Manager at ReSea Project. He looks after all the marketing, communication, and commercial activities at ReaSea, an organization at the forefront of fighting plastic pollution. Their cleanup solution is community-driven. Meaning that they employ people in local communities to recover plastic waste polluting oceans and rivers. Their impact is solely […]