Meaningful animated stories | Elda Nayeli F. | Motion Graphic Designer

Today we’re very happy to introduce you to Elda, she’s based in Mexico and she is a motion graphic designer. Elda has worked in the animation industry since 2012, collaborating with some of the top Mexican films, advertising agencies, and universities. She has experience in character animation, illustration, design, 3D modeling, video, and sound editing.  […]

How activists can collaborate | Raymond Laracuenta | We Act

Three years ago Raymond Laracuenta, CEO of Oblivion Software, started his journey with We Act. We Act Is a social collaboration platform for activism. The chat app is designed to amplify grassroots activism, providing social movements the tools for more effective ways to communicating and organizing. In this interview, Raymond has shared the story since […]

How to consume ethically | Nohelia Rambal | Goodfind

Nohelia Rambal in 2020 launched the UK-based startup Goodfind, to facilitate the purchase of eco-friendly products. On the site, you can find environmentally curated brands and special offers. Started as a side gig, Goodfind has grown and is now backed up by a great team. In this interview, Nohelia goes over the journey she had that lead her to […]

Leadership Coach | Carla Rossouw

Today we’re meeting Carla a qualified, management professional and leadership coach, based in South Africa. These days in particular, great leadership skills are the ones that could make a huge difference in an organization. Carla has more than 14 years of experience in a variety of industries and roles, with 7 years spent in Human […]