How Ethical Business Practices Can Improve Your Organizational Culture

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s leading organizations have a great company culture. A strong organizational culture is really important as it directly affects various factors of your business, enhancing your ability to recruit top talent, maintain a happy workforce, improve team motivation and deliver excellent customer service. To achieve great results, you […]

How activists can collaborate | Raymond Laracuenta | We Act

Three years ago Raymond Laracuenta, CEO of Oblivion Software, started his journey with We Act. We Act Is a social collaboration platform for activism. The chat app is designed to amplify grassroots activism, providing social movements the tools for more effective ways to communicating and organizing. In this interview, Raymond has shared the story since […]

Freelancing 2021: facts and statistics and the personal and environmental benefits

One year and three months ago, no one had a notion about what would be the pandemic’s impact on the way we work.  In between curfews and lockdowns, people lost their jobs or changed careers to become freelancers. Companies moved their workforce to work remotely or started to hire independent professionals. Remote work and freelancing presented […]