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The new way to outsource content moderation

Find value-aligned independent content moderators, build a cost-effective and fairly paid remote workforce across 185+ countries – and leave all the recruitment to us.

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Content moderation
Data analysis

Find moderators that make your community the best place to be

Hire fully vetted content moderators who don’t just have the skills, qualifications, and hourly rate you’re looking for – but also passions and interests that are shared with your users.

Build an on-demand content moderation team

Leverage a custom-built external content moderation team you can integrate into your in-house operations and scale up (or down) at a moment’s notice.

Manage your remote workforce on our platform

Browse talent, set up contracts, and automate payroll on our global talent platform. Our borderless technology allows you to hire across 185+ countries.

All the recruitment, handled by us

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Client Success Manager
Work for Impact

Browse and hire independent content moderators yourself on our platform – or we can handle the recruitment for you.

Get instant HR and hiring support during periods of peak workloads, tight deadlines, and expansion.

Tap into our wealth of expertise building remote workforces. We’ll help you build a competitive recruitment and talent management strategy that drives an exceptional moderation team.

Independent talent solutions for every content moderation team

Outsource all your content moderation

Cut costs and complexity by outsourcing your entire content moderation workload to a team of independent contractors.

Scale with agility

Build cost-effective teams without the time-consuming complexities of hiring employees.

Get on-demand moderation

Leverage on-demand moderators to minimize response times and boost user satisfaction during busy periods.

Build inclusive local teams

Broaden your reach with a multi-lingual team of content moderators that are sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds.

Save up to 70% vs traditional content moderation outsourcing

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Pathways Student

When you hire on Work for Impact, you create a fairer future of work

Every hire on our platform helps to power our Pathways program, which provides transformative further education for young people in underserved communities. We’ve already powered 5K+ hours of education and counting!

"Work for Impact freed up our internal team so we could focus on streamlining operations."

Marco Velasco

Director of Customer Success

Build your on-demand content moderation team today

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