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We build global, on-demand teams for high-performing organizations. It’s like traditional outsourcing – but fully flexible, custom-built for your needs, and 70% more cost-effective.

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Build any external team with our full recruitment support

Build any team, from accounting to marketing. Find talent with the right skills, experience, and values, in any country – or let our recruitment team do that for you.

Build any external team with our full recruitment support

Build any team, from accounting to marketing. Find talent with the right skills, experience, and values, in any country – or let our recruitment team do that for you.

One platform to manage hiring, time sheets & payroll

Set up custom hiring workflows for your team to collaborate on, automate payroll across 185+ countries, and manage contracts. Our cutting-edge tech makes it easy to work with talent globally.

Real results from the world’s best businesses

With 37M+ members, Outdoorsy needed multi-timezone remote teams they could quickly scale up or down in response to seasonal customer service demands.

"“We’ve saved 50% of our budget and the quality of talent is above the bar. Work for Impact is the best partner for our recruiting needs.”"

Dana Golding

Director of Customer Support & Operations


independent contractors hired


reduction in talent costs


increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Build any team

Customer service

Assemble remote teams covering any timezone and language. Scale rapidly to meet peak demand, then turn capacity back down in seconds.

Marketing & advertising

Find experts to supercharge your marketing strategy. Create remote or hybrid content marketing, social media management, and translation teams.

Finance & accounting

Streamline your back office with an on-demand team of the world's best independent finance talent, from auditors to accountants to admins.

Logistics & supply chain

Leverage remote logistics experts, from supply chain analysts to logistics coordinators, to streamline your operations and reduce your budget.

Community management

Grow an international community with agility. Hire diverse community managers with a passion for what you're doing across 185+ countries.

Content moderation

Harness an agile and scale remote content moderation workforce, managing user-generated content across multiple languages and regions.

Human resources

Outsource HR to a team of highly qualified independent specialists in any country, or integrate HR professionals into your in-house team.


Build flexible teams of legal professionals to navigate compliance, manage contracts, and adapt swiftly to regulatory and legal changes.


Bolster your global sales capacity with independent agents, or build remote outreach teams so your in-house sales employees have time to drive growth.


Leverage our flexible outsourcing solutions to harness world-class data science and analysis talent, recruited for your unique needs.


Integrate on-demand talent to launch products faster, outsource development to cut costs, and work with with world-leading innovators.


Build remote teams of IT experts capable of handling all your needs or specific activities, allowing your internal team to focus on optimization.

Public relations (PR)

Outsource PR activities like writing and comms, or work with well-connected PR professionals to gain awareness and traction in new markets.


Reduce your costs and streamline your workflows organization-wide by outsourcing HR processes, email handling, data entry, and more.


Find specialists with experience securing grants you're targeting, optimize your research budget, and scale up for fundraising campaigns.

Achieve any goal

Launch in any country

Work with independent contractors in 185+ countries and enjoy the benefits of hiring contractors versus employees.

Scale flexible teams

Scale your capacity across a range of departments and create long-term, flexible remote and hybrid teams.

Gain workforce agility

Adjust your workforce strategy, capabilities, and budget in line with evolving projects and priorities.

Outsource work globally

Discover a more ethical, agile, and cost-effective alternative to traditional outsourcing solutions. 

Reduce your talent costs

Eliminate overheads and manage your payroll budget by working with global talent on flexible contracts.

Assemble project teams

Build teams of specialized independent contractors to deliver long-term or complex projects before deadlines.

Find SMEs

Consult subject matter experts to solve critical problems and work with seasoned experts to foster innovation.

Fill critical skills gaps

Bridge your skills gap by engaging independent contractors with a range of technical proficiencies and skill sets.

Build hybrid teams

Boost productivity, diversity, and adaptability by integrating independent contractors into your in-house teams.

Save up to 70% vs traditional outsourcing

Supercharge your team with independent talent.

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