10 things about Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month we have selected a series of resources that could be useful to deepen the knowledge of African American History and to support the community.  Since 1976, every American president has designated February as Black History Month and endorsed a specific theme. The Black History Month 2021 theme, “Black Family: Representation, […]

10 Ethical digital tools you might need

We rely on apps and other digital tools to accomplish everything from messaging colleagues to finding a restaurant. But not all digital tools are created equal, and by equal, we mean that they provide equal opportunities between users and providers, fair use of data, and adequate privacy provisions. Here are several companies that go beyond […]

Platform Progress Update – 120419

Hello to all the amazing nonprofits and impactful organizations that have shown interest in Work for Impact. We just wanted to touch base and update you all on the progress we’re making on our website.  Our team has been working around the clock to bring you a world-class platform, and we’re really excited about how […]