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Everyone has a story to share | Eden C. Digital Marketer

We will be virtually flying to the Philippines to meet Eden! Digital Marketing and Business Administration are Eden’s areas of expertise. She is one of the talented freelancers of the Work for Impact community, currently looking for an opportunity in a fully remote setup. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about her work and lifestyle.

How did you become a freelance digital marketing strategist?

There was point in my life where I have to reflect and think about what I’m really passionate about. As a marketing graduate with passion in arts and writing, I have decided to be a digital marketing strategist. I love doing quality content that drives awareness to different societal issues such as women empowerment, gender equality, and breaking stereotypes. 

What do you enjoy the most about being a freelancer? 

I find it really amazing to connect with people from different walks of life, be inspired by their stories and share the same aspirations in life. I do believe that each of us have a beautiful story to tell. Story of courage, inspiration and success. 
I definitely also love the freedom of being able to work in any setting and achieving balance life-work balance. 

If you would not be freelancing, what would you be doing?

You will find me reading and doing creative things. It gives me a sense of accomplishment of being able to explore and try new things. 

What are your goals? (Also not professionally speaking)

My goal is to be part of an organization driving positive impact to the community. 

What makes you feel you’re contributing to a better world?

As a freelance Digital Marketing Strategist, I firmly believe that I can be a catalyst of digital innovation and transformation. As the consumption of digital content exponentially increases worldwide, it’s my duty to spread awareness on certain issues based on facts. When people are well informed, they will in turn make decisions that will benefit society. 

Favourite organization, and why?

One of my favourite organizations is Greenpeace International. I’m also an advocate of non-violent actions on raising awareness about environmental conservation and peace. I certainly agree that it’s about time for each of us to take part towards a greener, peaceful and sustainable future. 

Do you want to connect?

If you want to know more and get support on Digital and/or Business Administration, connect with Eden at Work for Impact. If you want to share your story as a freelancer, you can reach us at

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