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Should I hire a freelancer or website design company?

Just starting out, feeling pressed for time, or on a tight budget, and still wanting to work with top designers for your next project? We have got you covered. 

At Work for Impact, our passion is connecting you with the best socially conscious freelancers. Here are our top reasons you should consider hiring a remote freelance designer for your next project. 

Benefits of working with freelance designers

Freelancer designers are an excellent option for projects with a specific scope, goal design and feel in mind 

With the freedom to find a freelancer who meets all your requirements and reflects your project ethos you can get straight down to business knowing that your designer is well equipped to make your project come to life.

Get more bang for your buck

Our socially conscious (and expert) freelancers know the ins and outs of the design industry and can offer pricing options to suit a range of budgets and project sizes. 

Closer working relationships and greater involvement in the process

Working with a freelancer opens the door for collaboration and a close working relationship, which is great for hands on people who want to be involved every step of the way.

The IT factor: niche expertise, unique style, passion and purpose

Developed through a combination of passion, purpose and specialist expertise our most in demand freelancers have a unique style that is all their own. 

Flexibility and availability 

The flexibility that comes with a freelance schedule is a huge advantage for those working across different time zones. The fluid nature of freelance work also means that you have much more control over terms and contracts.

Great customer service and personalized experience

Possibly the greatest perk of hiring a freelance designer is having the ability to communicate your vision, resolve issues and see the project come to life with the same person start to finish.

Some important points to consider 

  • To prevent overload and rushed work define your project scope and make sure your freelancer is comfortable to commit to size and duration of the project.
  • Take advantage of WFI profile features to find freelancers with the skills, values, pricing and availability that best reflect your organisation and project.
  • Use the WFI portfolio feature to explore the style and expertise of our freelance designers. Depending on your project scope and size, you may need to hire different freelancers for different aspects of your project e.g. logo design and website building, so we recommend making a short list of your favourite designers. 
  • Check for references and reviews from previous clients. Great designers will have positive references from clients on their WFI profiles, look for repeat business and ask for at least two references from previous work. 

For more advice on getting started, visit the Work For Impact blog for tips on interviewing, evaluating samples and references, and familiarise yourself with our guide to choosing the right freelancer

Ready, steady, go!

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