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How to hire good freelance graphic designers

Nothing catches our hearts, minds and eyes more than a meaningful cause supported by great graphic design. So, take your project to the next level with our guide to hiring freelance graphic designers.

Define the project scope & communicate your vision

Firstly, for any project, it is vital to understand the size and type of project you are hiring for. 

Are you starting from scratch, reworking existing logos/product photos/website, or doing a total redesign and rebranding? 

Secondly, think about your goals and deliverables. What would you like to achieve by hiring a graphic designer? Which project outcomes are your key focus? What makes your project unique, and how can your message be enhanced with visual aids and graphic design?

Be clear on who you want to attract towards your company/project, your fundamental values, mission and goals, and how you plan to keep them engaged.

Positioning yourself as the target audience can help you gain critical insights into capturing the customer’s attention.

Moreover, graphic design plays a vital role in communicating company/project values, motivations and goals in a way that aligns with the consumer and keeps them interested and invested. 

Similarly, it is essential to reflect on your market position and who your top competitors are. Take notes from your competitors/similar projects. What do they do well that you can incorporate into your own project? 

Furthermore, consider current/emerging trends, the gap in the market you aim to fill, and how effective graphic design will help your project stand apart from others.

Be upfront with the timelines and budgets you will be working with. Furthermore, communicating the project scope to the freelance graphic designer you will hire is essential to understand what can be achieved within your budget and ensuring realistic quotes.

Finally, we recommend creating a simple mood board to communicate your vision. Collecting and collating snippets of font, images and colour schemes is an easy (and fun) way to help graphic designers to join the dots to make your vision come to life.

What to look for in a freelance graphic designer and how to interview

Ask about previous work, skills and experience that may be relevant to your project. 

Check off our list of the top five things you need to ask when hiring freelancers and familiarise yourself with our guide to choosing the right freelancer.

Look for shared values and motivations. Nothing makes a project come to life like a graphic designer who is passionate about the beliefs that underpin your project. 

Check references and ratings. This is an excellent feature available on Work for Impact which enables you to find the very best freelancers.

Reviewing a portfolio of a freelance graphic designer in a computer screen. A crucial step when you want to hire freelance graphic designers.

How to evaluate freelance graphic designers for hire

Once you have a shortlist of freelance graphic designers, ask to see samples and previous work that relates to your project. Many graphic designers will have portfolios, so use your project brief to get specific on what you would like to see.
What to look for when evaluating graphic designers’ samples:

How it reads: look for graphics that are easy to understand. The structure and graphic layouts should enhance the message of the product/service, not detract from it.

How it looks:

  • Colour schemes – do the colours reflect the client and project, complement each other, or clash?
  • Space and structure – do the graphics and text fit and flow or feel overcrowded?
  • Texture and typography – do the type and texture enhance the design?
  • How do these elements come together, and what message do they send?
  • Do the samples reflect your desired brand image?

Ready to hire a freelance graphic designer?

Browse and connect with freelance graphic designers on our platform to find the right one for your project.

In the meantime, check out the blog to learn more about how to build successful long-term relationships with freelancers.