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Meaningful animated stories | Elda Nayeli F. | Motion Graphic Designer

Today we’re very happy to introduce you to Elda, she’s based in Mexico and she is a motion graphic designer. Elda has worked in the animation industry since 2012, collaborating with some of the top Mexican films, advertising agencies, and universities. She has experience in character animation, illustration, design, 3D modeling, video, and sound editing.  She is passionate about working on challenging projects, especially if they are oriented to cinema, education, advertisement, art, etc.

Let’s get to know her!

How did you become a freelance Motion Graphic Designer?

I started working in a 3D animation studio located in a distant city, and that’s basically how I began working remotely, as a freelancer but not as a motion designer. That happened a year later when I noticed that, unlike big film projects, motion graphics animation allows us to create complete stories and videos, which don’t require a considerable amount of time and labor the way movies do. I realized the enormous potential of this technique to be used as a tool to share very important causes that need to be seen.

What do you enjoy the most about being a freelancer? 

I love the freedom that being a freelancer gives you. For example, to decide what kind of projects you like to work on, the possibility of traveling without any limit (just the internet connection). And you can even decide how much work you might do each day. In addition, you can use your time and resources more efficiently, all of this has a positive impact on the world, especially in relation to energy and transport.

If you would not be a motion graphic designer, what would you be doing?

I would work in a company committed to the environmental care or respect for animals, collaborating with humanitarian organizations, among others. One of my dreams is to work for volunteering projects around the world.

What are your goals? (Also not professionally speaking)

My ideology is based on combining what I love to do, what I am good at, what the world needs, and what I can be paid for. In other words, to have a job that connects my passion, mission, vocation, and profession. For that reason, my goal has been to make videos as a freelancer, working with organizations or companies sharing meaningful animated stories that reach people’s hearts and consciousness. To educate and inform, persuade, promote positive causes, create a better society, and help the world. 

What makes you feel you’re contributing to a better world?

In the professional ambit, I try to contribute through animated videos: we can quickly create an empathetic connection. It’s easier to get emotionally attached to something we see on video than to something we read. Today’s viewers need active, dynamic content and great storytelling to stay engaged and that’s exactly what I want to stay focused on. Regarding the personal aspect, I am a vegetarian (almost vegan), committed to the world in every aspect I can think of. For example, having smart and conscious consumption decisions, thinking about avoiding waste as much as I can, having a vegetable patch, being in constant learning and sharing any important information I find.

Favourite organization, and why?

In this case, more than an organization! I would like to mention an animation studio called Antimatter. I love them because they just found the right formula to create strong, memorable, and impactful stories that tend to aim to take actions, decisions, and changes.  And, I would like to mention, I really admire what Work for Impact is creating. I think it is a visionary idea. We are never too small to make a difference, but it’s always better to collaborate with the right people to reach our purpose. Thank you so much!

Do you want to connect?

If you want to know more and get support on Motion Graphics and 3D Animation, connect with Elda at Work for Impact. If you want to share your story as a freelancer, you can reach us at

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