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Human-centered Design | Phillip Johnson | Creative Strategist + Designer

Phillip is from the U.S. and has worked extensively on multifaceted communications campaigns across various industries.

As the head of an internal creative agency for a global charity, he was responsible for management of all creative assets: to include developing integrated marketing campaigns, creation of all collateral material for both awareness and fundraising, and providing global brand management and oversight across the organization.

Phillip is currently owner of his own business, creating designs that have an influence beyond artificial social constructs.

I’m a queer Ecuadorian- American. The merging of these cultures has resulted in the birth of constant exploration of the meaning + impact of multiculturalism. Celebrating this heritage has allowed me to be fully present in travel, work, and social connections – and through this, create work that has an influence beyond artificial social constructs.

Here a few questions we’ve asked Phillip directly:

Why did you join Work for Impact?

I want to work with organizations that have core values of giving back to their communities, and to society at large. I joined Work for Impact to meet other like minded professionals who share this passion of using our skills for the greater good.

What motivates you?

At the end of the day, I want to be able to feel like I’ve spent my time doing my bit to make the world a better place. I know it sounds cliché, though there is no action too small to have a big impact.

How would you contribute to make the world a better place?

I feel very strongly that people should be able to see themselves reflected in society – be that in media, career opportunities, even having a family – so they can feel empowered to live their most authentic life. Dreaming the biggest dreams, and then see those dreams come true. I try to contribute to this by designing with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, at all times.

Favourite organisation?

I am personally aligned with so many nonprofits, especially those that do work in the queer and social justice space. And when people feel compelled to donate or to be involved in a charity, they want to know just how impactful that charity is. Charity Navigator rates and evaluates nonprofits, so you can quickly see how their financials and programs are helping those they serve – and you will feel confident your donations and time are well spent.

Do you want to connect?

If you want to know more and get support on Creative Strategy and Design, connect with Phillip at Work for Impact. If you want to share your story as a freelancer, you can reach us at

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