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Question, support and transform | Silvia Méndez Consultant in Human Rights, Gender, Equality.

At Work for Impact, we aim to bring together a variety of people who want to create positive change. Since we launched, we’ve been so impressed by the great individuals that have joined the platform and the stories that are emerging from this growing community. Today, we’re very happy to kick off a series of interviews, featuring freelancers and their experience to make the world a better place.

Let’s start with Silvia Méndez

Silvia is a psychologist from Bolivia, with training in gender, human rights, social and community development. She has an extensive experience in social projects, studies, action plans, coordination with institutions and intercultural relations. This is the way she sees her work and contribution to the world:

My work is allied to my activism. I work in consultancies that can change the lives of groups or populations in situations of social disadvantage or oppression. To change the system, to question, to support and to transform.
Alliances and collective and collaborative work is essential. Here I am for it.

I have worked with women and indigenous populations from rural and urban areas, associations, civil and social organizations. I have also coordinated my actions and work with public and private institutions, non-governmental organizations, different levels of government.

With significant changes for the exercise of women’s rights, social policies, tools and methodologies for participation, collective organization and social participation.

We asked Silvia a few questions about the experience at Work for Impact.

Why did you join Work for Impact?
It seems to me a serious, transparent and personalized platform.
What motivates you?
An idea in common with Work for Impact. Do a job that has a real and concrete impact on people’s lives.
How would you like to help make an impact?
With articulation and synergy with other people, teams or organizations.
What’s your favorite organization?
Related to work in Human Rights and Equality.

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