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How to turn your Passion into your Profession

Lorraine Sims has been a life coach and business coach for 25 years. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, and coaches clients around the world. People come to Lorraine because they are fed up with working in a job that is unfulfilling, doesn’t challenge them to grow, and starts to negatively affect their health, relationships, and their enjoyment of life. When people come to the realization that they are putting all their time and energy into reaching someone else’s goals, and recognize they have their own goals and dreams to fulfill, Lorraine helps them discover their true purpose in life and then turn that purpose and passion into their profession so they can do what they love for a living.

We interviewed Lorraine, to learn more about her background and get some very special tips on how to pursue a purposeful career.

Ph: Jamie Street via Unsplash

How did your journey start and when did you become a Coach?

I had been laid off from my corporate job as a Human Resources manager, and this gave me time to reflect on my life and work. I asked myself: “What I am passionate about? What am I really good at? What do I want to contribute to the world?” Within a week, the answers came. I realized I love inspiring people, helping people reach their big goals and dreams, and getting all the fears and barriers out of the way so they could live their lives to the fullest. Once I received that clarity, a little discouraging voice inside me said: Yes, but who’s going to pay me to do that? (a question that is asked by most of my clients). Feeling deflated, I began searching for another job but felt nausea. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my higher self, telling me that was not the right path. A few weeks later, the HR magazine arrived at my door, and on the cover was an article about coaching, I’d never heard of it before because this was 25 years ago. The article was all inspiring people and helping them reach their big goals and dreams. This was my answer. I knew immediately, I had discovered my true calling.

A quote on your website says: “Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world’s need”. What is the process to discover one’s vocation?

Vocation comes from the Latin word “vocatio“, which means, the little voice, or ‘the calling’. We all have this little voice inside us, but it is drowned out by outside noises, influential people, and social conditioning that tell us we have to work in jobs that are safe and secure. But after a while, that security becomes a prison. It constricts our thinking, our spirit, and our freedom. To give volume to our inner voice, we must be in the calmness of nature, in stillness, and in silence, and there we hear the truth of who we really are.

Each and every one of us has a unique purpose. I believe it is not only our responsibility but also our duty to fulfill our purpose and respond to our calling.

Some of us are called to lead, to teach, to heal, or to build. Others have great gifts for compassion, athleticism, for business, or creativity. When you hear your calling, you may be surprised because it is bigger than you expected, and it isn’t a job or a career. Many people search for years to discover their calling. But you can’t find it “out there” because it doesn’t exist. It is within you, and only you. You choose a job, and you choose a career, but your vocation chooses you. Your vocation is calling you to contribute to the betterment of humanity.

And then, what happens?

By no coincidence, we are perfectly designed to fulfill that purpose. We come into this world with unique gifts, talents, interests, abilities, and along the way, we learn and have life experiences that guide us to our purpose. We also have the choice to either shut it down, or respond to our calling. If we choose the latter, this is when life gets really exciting, things fall
into place, we feel in alignment, opportunities are presented, and resources come to us to support us in stepping forward. We feel like we are on the path that has been waiting for us all along.

Ph: Danica Tanjutco via Unsplash

As a coach, do you have any recommendations for people who want to explore their true calling and start working as freelancers?

Yes, if you feel called to turn your passions and talents into your work, it will be your greatest source of income and your greatest source of happiness. You will always earn more money doing what you love than working for someone else’s goals. No one gives us permission to do what we love for a living. No one tells us we have the right to be happy in our work. I offer both, and this gives my clients the courage and determination to begin the gradual transition. The feeling of freedom, empowerment, and joy that rises within them, spurs further change that has a positive impact on all areas of their lives. Health improves, money increases, relationships deepen, and outlook on life expands and becomes more exciting. Any feelings of uncertainty or fear are vanquished because they feel beckoned forward to something much greater.

How do you think the world of work is evolving right now?

Many of us have worked in jobs that drain our energy, rob our souls, and produce only misery. People are no longer willing to tolerate feelings of dissatisfaction at work. We are waking up to realize our highest potential and have a strong desire for self-actualization. This is fully integrated with our collective mission for a greater humanity. As each individual begins to answer their calling, and turn their passion into their profession. All the jigsaw pieces begin to fall into place and we see the whole picture of a brighter world, filled with peace, justice, and happiness. We are all being called to create a better future.

What are the steps to cross over this threshold into a whole new world of creativity, fun, freedom, purpose, and prosperity?

Working with a coach will bring greater clarity of purpose, and also offer support and guidance along the way. When you are on a path you haven’t taken before, it is helpful to have a guide to show you the way. Coaching boosts your confidence, helps you put the steps in the right order, and build momentum, so no time is wasted.

Work with Lorraine, life coach and business coach

Lorraine Sims works with individuals who are ready to change their own lives and change the world, and they know the value of having a mentor to guide them forward. She offers a 1-hour complimentary coaching session, and also 3 months of ongoing coaching to propel you along your path. It is an investment you make in yourself. If you feel disconnected or stuck but want to move forward in life because you know you have so much more to contribute, you are invited to send Lorraine a message and schedule a session. Sometimes, discovering your true purpose takes only an hour, other times it may take a
few weeks. The discovery brings a wonderful sense of relief and inner knowing (that has been there all along), it creates a new spark in life and leads to greater happiness, health, and possibilities that they couldn’t see before. Fulfilling your purpose can take decades, but this is a life of real purpose.

If you want to learn more and you need support from a personal and business coach, you can connect with Lorraine at Work for Impact or connect with her via LinkedIn or her website.

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