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Branding for change | Yolisa Madubula | Branding and Marketing Specialist

Our virtual tour around the world to meet great freelancers continues, this time we stop in South Africa, more precisely Capetown, to meet Yolisa. She is a marketer with a passion for community, kids, and education. She is very on point and straightforward, as it emerges from her presentation:

Trust an experienced Brand Specialist with your next brand identity project. We will start with understanding your mission and the kind of impact you want to make, the environment you want to thrive in and tailor an identity that will make sure you win. I have worked with most routes to market within South Africa and can get your product or service listed. I have a very good eye and insight into what the markets are doing and able to put together a full proof recommendation for a company wanting to expand into South Africa. I am strategically based in Capetown, the gateway into the country.

As usual, we asked her a few questions about Work for Impact and her experience:

Why did you join Work for Impact?

I have always felt that I have a unique skill set that can not be contained in one job profile. I came across Work for Impact while browsing through ways to put my profile out there and was drawn instantly. Unlike mainstream freelance platforms Work for Impact speaks to my love for impacting a difference through what I do. I strongly believe that our existence on this earth should ensure betterment for future generations. I have taken many new products from unknown and introduced them to the right people on various retail and wholesale channels throughout my career. I am most passionate about doing this service for small to medium companies that care about the environment they operate in.

What motivates you?

Happy, fully satisfied clients motivate me. Looking at a project and realizing that I was part of its important journey, and most importantly lives changed for the better, drives me.

How would you contribute to make the world a better place?

I give back to the community I grew up in by being part of a team that started a foundation that supports disadvantaged rural kids’ access to education. This foundation makes sure that these kids have everything they need for their schooling, from basics like school shoes, uniforms, and stationery to paying their school fees.

Favourite organisation?

A P Madubula Foundation for education. This is the foundation that I mentioned above that gives access to education for rural kids that can otherwise not afford it. I dedicate most of my time securing fundraising and marketing the foundation. We are currently running a fundraising event to donate 100 educational tablets to a rural school in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Details of which can be found on the foundation’s Facebook and Instagram pages: AP Madubula Foundation.

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