Referral Program Terms and Condition Page

1. Referral Program

These terms relate to the Referral Program offered to Freelancer and Client users of the Platform by Work for Impact Limited (Hong Kong business reg number 2837363) (WFI). WFI’s Terms of Use, Terms for Services and Privacy Policy also form part of these terms and should be read together. By participating in the Referral Program, you agree to these terms and WFI’s other relevant policies, as notified by WFI.

2. Definitions

Where commencing with a capital letter:

Client means a client identified on the Platform;

Fees has the meaning given to it under WFI’s webpage at (;

Freelancer means a Freelancer identified on the Platform;

Impacts is given its meaning on the Platform; Pathways means the program powered by WFI – see ( for more information;

Platform means the freelance hiring platform offered by WFI;

Referrer means a Client or Freelancer that uses their active Platform membership account to invite a third party to become a Client;

Referred Client means a Client that accepts a referral in accordance with paragraph 3.2 and has not previously been a Client; and

Successful Referral means a referral that results in a Referred Client that achieves contracts on the Platform with an aggregate value of USD$300

3. Referral process

3.1. To make a referral, a Referrer must:

  • be logged into their Platform account;
  • visit the Referral Program landing page;
  • accurately complete the Referral Program form; and
  • click on the “send invitation” button when prompted on completion of the form.

3.2. To accept a referral, a Referred Client must:

  • have a valid business email address;
  • follow the instructions in the invitation email received from the Referrer; and
  • create a Platform account.

4. Benefits

4.1. Following verification by WFI, a Successful Referral will result in the following benefits:

  • for Freelancer Referrers:
    • one month free of Fees for the Freelancers Platform account; and
    • one month of boosted visibility – WFI will promote the Freelancer’s profile on the Platform, by boosting its placement in search rankings for a month (providing optimised Client visibility);
  • for Client Referrers:
    • WFI will sponsor one participant in the Pathways program for the duration of their participation, with the sponsorship in the name of the Client (using the business name of the Client Platform account unless otherwise agreed by WFI);
    • three months free of charge access to the “Business” tier WFI client plan;
    • ready to use visuals supplied by WFI for promotional and marketing use on the Client’s digital platforms to explain Client Referrer’s cooperation with WFI and its input in the Pathways program; and
    • Client will be tagged in WFI social media posts regarding the Pathways program and the sponsorship referred to in paragraph (b)(i).

4.2. Creation of a Client account by a Referred Client will result in a benefit of three months free of charge access to the “Business” tier WFI client plan for that Referred Client.

4.3. The benefits relating to free of charge use of the Platform will be applied automatically by WFI and will commence in the next unpaid month following verification of a Successful Referral by WFI. For example, if you are being billed monthly, the free period will commence in the next calendar month from the date of verification. If you are being billed yearly, it will apply to the first month after your fully paid year.

4.4. Where a referral invitation is made by a Freelancer and is accepted or not, the Freeelancer will receive five additional Impacts.

5. Liabilities and warranties

5.1. WFI does not guarantee availability of the Referral Program and it may cancel, terminate, modify or suspend it or these terms, on one month’s notice through notification on the Platform. WFI will not be liable under the Referral Program for user misuse of the Platform or in the event that the Platform or any aspect of it is unavailable at any time or for any period.

5.2. WFI is not liable for any loss or damage as a result of or related to participation in the Referral Program and any benefits accrued.

5.3. Liability for any tax on benefits provided is the sole responsibility of recipients.