Work For Impact

How it Works For Freelancers

Are you a talented freelancer who’s looking for projects that will make a difference? Work for Impact offers paid freelance jobs solely from socially, environmentally responsible and nonprofit organisations.

Create Your Profile

When you sign up for Work for Impact, you’ll be able to customize your profile to let potential clients know your skills, qualifications, interests, and more.

Your Bio:
Describe your background, including your education, work history, and any other information organisations should know

Verify Your Skills:
Take Work for Impact’s unique verification tests so you can show off your skills to clients.

Upload Portfolio Items:
Upload samples of your previous work and display them on your profile.

Apply for Jobs

Once your profile is completed, you’re ready to start looking for new and exciting projects.

Filter Available Jobs:
Use a variety of different filters to find jobs that match your skills, experience, and desired pay.

Find Jobs You’re Passionate About:
Search for jobs that support causes you’re passionate about.

Submit Proposals:
Once you find a project you’re interested in, answer the required questions and submit a cover letter.

Get Hired

After your proposals have been submitted, you’ll be able to speak with clients who are interested in your services.

Get Notified of Potential Jobs:
Receive notifications if clients want to speak to you further about a potential job.

Set-Up Interview:
Use Work for Impact’s built-in chat and video call functionality to schedule and conduct interviews with clients.

Receive Job Offers:
Job offers will be sent to you through the site, which you can either accept or decline.

Start Working

Work for Impact’s custom workspace allows you to easily collaborate with clients.

Share Files:
Receive and share files that are necessary to complete the project.

Give Updates:
Provide clients with updates on your work to let them know that everything is on schedule.

Receive Feedback on Your Work:
Quickly and easily receive feedback on completed tasks to allow you to make any necessary changes.

Get Paid

Once the client has approved your work you’ll receive prompt and timely payment, thanks to our payment protection services.

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method:
Get paid securely via Stripe or Payoneer.

Always Get Paid:
Our payment protection services help ensure you get paid for all projects you complete successfully.

Access Invoices and Payment History:
Download invoices and access your complete payment history at any time.