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Work for Impact Time Tracking App

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The Time Tracking App allows you to easily track and log your hours, and provides you with payment protection services.

The app works by keeping track of your time spent working while also taking screenshots of your work at random intervals. These screenshots allow clients to see how you’re spending your time and can be used in payment disputes to prove you successfully completed your task.

The Time Tracking App must be used for all hourly contracts, unless your client agrees to permit manual time.

Benefits of the Time Tracking App

Know Exactly How Long You’ve Worked:
Just start and stop the timer as you work to always keep accurate records of your work hours.

Automatically Log Your Hours:
No more manually filling out spreadsheets. The Time Tracker app automatically logs your hours and submits them to Work for Impact so your clients can review them.

Enjoy Payment Protection Services:
If your client refuses to pay you for work you’ve correctly logged with the app we’ll cover it. Payment protection is only available for contracts that use the Time Tracking App.

How it works

  1. Download and install the app using one of the links above.
  2. Log in to the app with the same credentials you use for the Work for Impact site.
  3. Use the “Select Project” dropdown box to select the project you’d like to work on.
  4. Use the “Task Description” field to add details about the specific task you’re working on.
  5. When you’re ready to begin your work click “Start.”
  6. While you’re working the app will take screenshots at random intervals so your client can see what you’re working on.
  7. When you’re finished working click “Stop” to stop the timer.
  8. Your work logs will automatically be uploaded to Work for Impact for your client to review.

Frequently Asked Questions