Purpose-driven freelancers that align with your values

If you’ve landed on Work for Impact, you’re on the right path to finding freelancers whose values align with your own and those of your business—congrats! Now that you’re here, you may even find yourself spoilt for choice, with more purpose-driven talent and good intentions appearing with every click. 

Here we share a few ideas on how to take things a step further. It’s time to find those that will truly connect with your project and understand your ethos. The people you will love working with so much you’re tempted to lure them to full-time. 

Make time for meaningful in-depth voice conversations

In this highly digital world of ours, real-time voice conversations are becoming a rarity, particularly when it comes to freelance jobs online. Between navigating time zones, finding an allotment of free time that suits both parties and choosing a conversation platform you both know how to use, typing an e-mail can seem like the easier option. For those looking to make meaningful connections and work with compatible people, however, in-depth voice conversations are vital. By making time for a chat, you can quickly break past formalities and get to know each other on a more personal level. Without endless time to pen their most people-pleasing sentences, you’ll know their true colours before you can say the words ‘zoom call’.

Ask the right purpose-driven questions

When recruiting great freelance talent, it’s easy to get distracted by project-specific questions such as; could you meet our deadline, do you have the required skills and can you work within our budget? Once you’ve found someone that ticks all those boxes, it might seem like too much to ask for that this potential team member also aligns with the values of the brand. While Work for Impact makes it much easier to find value-aligned freelancers, asking the right questions will take things a step further in finding the people that perfectly fit your business. Consider writing five meaningful questions you could use repeatedly when hiring freelancers. It may feel like a bombardment when paired with the project-specific questions, but rest assured the right people will stick around and answer them with genuine enthusiasm. 

Carefully assess the freelancer’s past projects

At some point during their career, most freelancers will find themselves working on tasks they don’t love just to make ends meet. Lending to the sad fact that the best freelance jobs don’t always pay the bills. This is the work you aren’t likely to be told about or shown. The work displayed on their portfolio, on the other hand, is likely to be a collection of their most prized work; the projects that align with their values and reflect who they are and what they love. Spend time carefully sifting through this work. If it’s what they are proud of and choose to share with the world, it speaks volumes of who they are and what meaningful and purpose-driven work looks like to them. 

Humanise the experience along the way

After the introductory voice call, it’s easy to slip back to robotic digital communication that’s very matter-of-fact. This makes it hard to form genuine bonds and determine whether you’re dealing with someone purpose-driven and that truly ‘gets’ your vision and values. Try splicing personal anecdotes into your emails and asking sincere questions that require a response. You’ll quickly discover if you’re on the same page or reading from two different books entirely. 

Go via brands that share your values

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? It might be time to seek out freelancers based on the brands they’ve worked for in the past. If you’re spotting unethical consumer brands on your hunt for a soulful freelance graphic designer, you might want to proceed with caution. If environmental organisations are popping up in your search for an anti-whaling videographer, you’re on the right track. Just remember, not all freelancers have had the privilege of working solely on projects they feel connected to. You might need to allow for a few misalignments to be sandwiched between the good stuff.

Do a scope of talent digital presence

Let’s be real, it’s a bit ethically questionable to snoop through old family photos accidentally left public on the depths of Facebook. Reading tweets and doing a security audit Google search, on the other hand, is very much above board when recruiting in 2021. With so much of our lives now presented on the internet, it’s only natural to check what’s portrayed by those you may be working with. After all, when you hire freelancers, their work with becomes a small piece of the puzzle that is your business. It’s important to ensure they will represent your brand in the best possible way.  

What’s next

The Work for Impact talent pool is an amalgamation of great values and exceptional skills. To find your next remarkable freelancer, simply sign up, post your project on our site and wait for the high-quality applications to start rolling in.