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Multiple skills at service | Viviana Trujillo

Small companies and businesses in the for purpose sector most of the time, need to rely on people who have gained multiple experiences and skills. Resources are often limited and having someone who has a wider vision and expertise could be key to success.

Viviana is from Colombia, and in her working experience, she has collected a variety of skills that can make a great impact for a company that’s aiming to cover different tasks. Here’s a brief introduction about her:

I am a Business Administrator with a Master’s in Marketing. I have worked for 4 years as a Marketing and Sales Manager and another 11 years as a Marketing and Sales Coordinator and now I am the Director of a Children Foundation in Colombia that helps children with clefts. I have experience in Marketing and Sales Strategies, Plans, Tactics, Managing Teams, Negotiations, Budgets, among others.

What motivates you?

We need to work in cooperation to have a better world, each one of us has different skills that complement each other. I love service, I love to help others, I love to see people with more opportunities, I love to see that someone’s life is better because I did something. 

How would you contribute to make the world a better place?

I can use my skills to help people and communities. I have a management style based on the people, I like to motivate and manage teams seeing the best of each person. I have experience in management, sales, marketing, communications, administrative work, and these abilities are needed in Organizations. I worked on Multinational Companies as well as NGOs, I have experience in both sectors. 

Do you want to connect?

If you want to know more and get support on Business Administration, connect with Viviana at Work for Impact. If you want to share your story as a freelancer, you can reach us at

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