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Hiring a freelancer can make an impact

Do you know you can make an impact by hiring a freelancer? Do you think that a freelancer is just a freelancer, right?

Well, not in our world. 

In our world, purpose-driven companies working with aligned freelancers is a chance to unleash unlimited human potential and possibility. How?

  1. By connecting like-minded people – bigger picture people – you can amplify the impact of the work you are doing in the world. In and outside of your company.
  2. By working with people who see beyond the job you’re hiring them for, who see the possibility for continual growth and feel passionate about changing lives, you can create infinite impact. 
  3. Because these are the people who see their work as an opportunity to create Impact. Who wants to make a difference for all in their everyday life.
  4. And by continuing to partner with them and Work for Impact, you can not only make a WOW once, but you can also continue to make a WOW over and over again.

We call this the IMPACT PLUS EFFECT

Where the more you focus on hiring global talent, regardless of location or nationality, who are aligned with your purpose and focused on the change they can make, the more impact we can all make together.

But how does the Impact Plus effect work?

It starts with clients and companies bringing great projects to the Work for Impact platform in search of global freelancers. By utilizing the talent platform, seamlessly connects bigger picture companies to bigger picture people. Getting the work done.

But this is just the beginning of a big, beautiful chain reaction.

Because by hiring through Work for Impact, clients and talent actively contribute to creating life-changing opportunities for young people across the globe. With 6% of Work for Impact’s revenue being contributed to partner charities.

The Other Side of the Loop

Not only that, Work for Impact’s in-house program Pathways offers training and accreditation to those who need, and want it most. Then, in turn, they become part of the global community of remote freelance talent. This talent is the heart and soul of the Work for Impact network and completes the Social Impact Plus loop.

We support this vital work because we know those who can make the most impact don’t require traditional education, a conventional career path, or even physical presence at an employer’s location. What matters most are the skills and experiences to perform a role, and the desire to create change. 

An Infinite Loop

This positive loop, which continues to add talent back into the pool, ready for businesses to hand-select their next great hire from, becomes an infinite loop, which powers itself. 

Because the more talent supported together, the more projects and work which can be completed, and thus more social good can be made and amplified into communities and people across the world.

Resulting in the Impact Plus Effect.

The Loop is the Future

So no, to us, a freelancer isn’t just a freelancer.

Instead, they are the unstoppable force behind changing our world for good. Just as you can by working with Work for Impact, where we can make this Social Impact Plus amplify and grow with every hour of work recorded, every project submitted, every training completed, and accreditation achieved. 

Together is how we will change the world. Are you ready to begin? Discover more about it here.