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Julian Borra

Creative Writer, Strategist & Published Author
  • Killing it in a virtual Interview

    So how do you ‘knock ‘em’ dead in the virtual interview room? The zoomisphere and the Universe of Teams is a new reality for many. But for the remote freelancer, these ways of engaging with the world are second nature. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we find virtual interviews a breeze. Interviews can be

  • Every Startup needs a Website. Or does it?

    The importance of website design to start-ups and how to get to ‘great’ on a start-up shoe-string. So websites. Simple, No? Easy. Just find the right template and build it. What’s the fuss? Start-Up folks are go-getters – doers. Anyway, if you’re a startup, don’t you have more important things to do than fussing over

  • B Corp Buddies: Continew

    B Corp Buddies is a series of light-touch looks at some of the transformative organisations in the B Corp community we now find ourselves in. The B Corp community is teeming with organisations looking to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet – all in their own special way. Let’s

  • Do ‘Good People’ = Good Workers?

    Purposeful people – real added value in the workplace? Or just an identity myth for social networks?  Tell people you work with, especially those you do not know so well, that you are interested in doing good, helping others, standing up for those less fortunate than you, being a global citizen or just caring about

  • 10 tips for riding the freelance Wave

    By Julian Borra – long-time creative strategic consultant, WFI beard and co-author of NYT Bestseller Liferider with Laird Hamilton, the legendary big wave surfer. If you freelance on a global talent platform then here’s to your courageous pioneering self. You are one of the billions out there riding a global wave of dynamic freelance opportunity

  • Who are you? The name of the freelance game

    Exploring the title and language maze of freelancers, contract workers, on-demand talent, part-time workers and gig economists, to find out what is, after all, the name of the freelance game. Sticks and Stones What’s in a name? Does it matter? Well, to some people it matters a lot – and to others, not at all.