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Julian Borra

Creative Writer, Strategist & Published Author
  • From A to B Corp: A Founder’s Story

    What brought a fly-boy from the Tumbarumba outback to nurturing global talent and the future of purposeful work? Geoff, as everyone calls him, is the Founder and CEO of Work for Impact, the first on-demand talent platform to achieve B Corp certification. Geoff Hucker has a gentle, considered air, a quiet certainty and an infectious

  • Work for Impact and Talent to the power 3

    The Working Now The Future of Work is a wonderful thing to contemplate and explore. But the more pressing issues for organisations lie in how they make the most of the ‘working Now.’ More immediate and far less academic than the future – the ‘working Now’ holds substantial challenges for organisations and talent. To punk

  • The Future of Work is Female

    Ready to unleash your Female Leadership Advantage as a freelancer? Or is The Divine Feminine your way to success in an On-Demand World?  So, you are a freelancer (or contract worker as some call us). You are also possibly female. That’s good. Or, perhaps you are not female but actively channelling your female nature, traits