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10 organizations changing the world for the better

There are many organizations changing the world for the better with really great solutions in different areas but every organization should strive for it.

For this reason, and in a month that gathered all the countries in the Climate Conference, we concluded that the challenge to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees is getting harder.  

However, not all the topics were pinpointed equally as we have 17 sustainable development goals to guide our path to a better future. But one thing is sure, all the companies and people must commit to being part of the solution. 

Organizations, governments, companies, and freelancers can and must ignite social and climate change to put us back on the right track. 

Therefore, we’re sharing in this post 10 organizations changing the world for the better to inspire you with good examples tackling different challenges:

Organizations changing the world through Social Impact Apps

1. We Act – igniting movements for positive change. 

Organizing Social Movements will not be a problem anymore. 

The first organization on our list is WeAct. We act is a collaborative chat app developed to provide tools for more effective communication and management of activism events. Explicitly designed to facilitate the delegation of tasks and creation of teams to vote for decisions. 

In other words, with the help of WeAct, any organization, group, and activist will have the job facilitated as everything will be simple and effective to organize. Above all, it is a complete and powerful app that connects change markers to achieve positive social change together. 

Take a look at their website and find everything about this change-making app. 

2. Force of Nature – mobilizing mindsets for climate action

Eco-anxiety is the fuel to drive intergenerational solutions. 

Second, is Force of Nature, which helps students channel their feelings into taking action. As a way to empower and give voice to young people, this educational organization offers programs to:

  • Empower Sustainability Educators to foster the next generation of leaders;
  • Support impact-driven businesses to be at the forefront in climate and sustainability;
  • And help non-profits organizations deliver high ROI projects;

In other words, Force of Nature is doing a great job supporting young people to deal with their emotions about the Climate Crisis. The company is canalizing the frustrations and ideas of young people to ignite positive changes in the world among different stakeholders. We bet a lot of smart, sustainable, and systemic solutions will rise with the impact of the Force of Nature. 

Find out how Force of Nature works.

Organizations changing the world through People Empowerment

3. GirlDreamer – empowering women of color

Every woman of color should have equal opportunities and be free to pursue their dreams.

GirlDreamer is a non-profit organization supporting the personal and professional development of women of color. 

First of all, this organization is working with communities and companies to achieve social change and system changes. With the aim of solving the lack of opportunities and representativeness of women of color across the industries. Second, on the community side, they are elevating, educating, and empowering women of color. While on the corporate side, they are disrupting and challenging companies to break with the current systems and give more opportunities to women of color.

Check how GirlDreamer is reducing inequality and supporting women of color to live their best lives. 

4. Change Please – training people experiencing homelessness

Coffee can give energy to social impact.

While Change Please is a coffee brand with a mission that truly sets it apart from the other coffee brands. To clarify, Change Please is a social enterprise and coffee expertise blend committed to helping homeless people. As a result, 100% of the profits are donated to giving people experiencing homelessness a living wage job, housing, training, and onward opportunities. 

Basically, this coffee company uses all the profits to train homeless people as baristas and leave a positive social impact in the places where they are present. It is great to see companies supporting people with a lack of living conditions and opportunities. 

Hence, they are really a life-changing coffee.

Learn more about the difference Change Please is making. 

5. Each One – refugees can have a second chance

Refugees deserve labor opportunities.

Each One is a company designing HR solutions reinventing inclusion by connecting businesses and refugee talent.

Through Recruitment and employee engagement solutions, this organization supports companies in their transformation of integrating refugee talent. Moreover, Each One identifies and trains refugees and newcomers according to the client’s needs. For example, more than 2000 talents found a job, and more than 5500 received training.

Meaning, when refugees leave their countries to find better living conditions, Each One gives a great opportunity for them to enter the labor market in their new home country. Moreover, they are doing a great job of making inclusion in businesses even more possible. 

For more, check here their inclusion impact. 

6. Frontlines of Justice – educating about social, racial and educational justice 

Learning online can be about issues that matter. 

On the contrary, Frontlines of Justice is an e-learning platform developed to create social, racial, and educational justice through compelling video content. Frontlines of Justice divides its core services into 3:

  • Help educators and students on professional development and student curriculum. This same organization;
  • Help nonprofits and organizations deliver a consistent message and create courses for their donors and recipients. 
  • Support Corporations and their employees embrace diversity and inclusion to deliver cultural, racial and social justice impact. 

To sum up, Frontlines of Justice are making real changes to educate and fight issues that matter the most in our society by engaging with different entities

Check here all the courses and how they can empower social, racial, and education justice. 

Organizations changing the world through Donations and Community Support

7. Millie Giving – help create a social impact program

Giving is easier for companies and their employees.

Millie Giving is a social impact software that builds impactful workplace giving programs for companies.  

Meaning, companies now can easily build a culture of giving and involve their employees in corporate social responsibility activities through 4 different ways:

  • Enabling employees to support the impactful organizations they care about on a budget;
  • Creating volunteer events and bringing the team together to deliver a positive impact;
  • engage employees by building campaigns for non-profit partners or new initiatives;
  • celebrating employees or developing relationships with clients by giving charitable gift cards to institutions they want. 

Yet the great part of this software is that employees select the organizations to donate to and the amount to give, empowering their participation. This gamification of giving contributes to a deeper culture of giving and engagement with the CSR policy of the company. 

In either case, get to know all about Millie Giving here

Organizations changing the world through Local Intervention & Volunteering

8. Commonplace – involving local communities to build better places

Building cities and places can be more inclusive and collaborative.

In essence, Commonplace is an online community and citizen engagement platform tailored to involve people in better places-making.

Therefore, Commonplace provides tools that help understand any community priorities. Reach a broader community audience and propel more inclusive decisions to discuss a good scope of topics, such as transportation planning, residential development, climate, and regeneration & development.

So, from data dashboards to forums and surveys to reports, all the features available make it an insightful solution for any municipal government to engage with community members. 

In conclusion, this platform will help build trust and transparency with local people and communities to empower a positive place to live in.

Find here everything about this platform for community-driven place-making.

9. Local Trust – giving the power to the communities

Communities can collaborate together to transform the places they live in. 

Local Trust is a place-based funder supporting around 150 communities in the UK to achieve their ambitions. Each community has 1£m available, and each has the full power, resources, and final word to make their areas better places to live. 

Overall, making Local Trust a very interesting initiative. The community leads and executes the actions or projects to improve their lives. Besides, no one knows better what they really need in their neighbourhoods.  

Learn more about Local Trust and Inspire yourself in this project.

10. Vee – providing compelling volunteer experiences

Volunteering is easier for everyone.

Next in line is Vee, a one-stop mobile app and volunteer management platform. This platform offers companies an easy way to maximize their impact and manage their employees’ volunteering experience.

In essence, Vee gives the space to nonprofits to communicate their events and connect and recruit local volunteers for their cause. This app is great to bridge the gap between the companies that want to inspire their employees to do good and the organizations in need of volunteer members to achieve their goals.  

Overall, this app makes it easy and efficient to manage any volunteer event and promotes team bonding and loyalty.  

Find here how you and your company can set up a volunteer experience.   

Organizations changing the world through Environmental Impact

Bonus: Vizzuality – guiding choices for a better future

Guide the choices for a sustainable and fair future is more visual. 

Vizzuality is a change agency developing digital tools and strategies for better decision-making on 3 main topics: climate change, biodiversity, and equality. 

In other words, all the projects help tackle any issue we face, such as detecting deforestation, keeping carbon in the ground, reducing food waste, wildlife conservation, or tracing sustainable supply chains. 

Lastly, their powerful and insightful wor, Informed by science and inspired by nature, is a great source to deliver a positive impact across the world.

Take a look at the work they have been developing. 

Let’s change the world together? 

In conclusion, we are all in this together. In some way, we can give more to the people and the planet than we take. From social impact apps to people empowerment and inclusivity and from local intervention to environmental impact, every organization can pursue a good mission to tackle a world problem. 

We started Work for Impact to give access to safe and respectful online work opportunities. Moreover, we created it as a platform where organizations changing the world and freelance talent meet and do good projects together. Therefore, we are always ready to help you scale your positive impact and change the world together. If you want to learn more, sign up for free and start browsing the platform.

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