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Who We Work With


At Work for Impact, we aspire to work with like-minded individuals and organisations that operate ethically and purposefully in order to promote positive social practices. We seek partnerships with those that adhere to principles of sustainable development and actively support an honest and transparent work culture.

More than just a freelance platform, we are building and fostering a community of value-driven organisations and individuals that place an importance on integrity, honesty, and sustainability, and where a sense of shared-purpose is valued.

We work deliberately and intentionally to align ourselves with partners that respect and promote the values we stand for, and in doing so, we are able to ensure our mission is not compromised in any way. By establishing this clear purpose and mission, we are able to identify those collaborations that are in sync with our work and those that are not.

Work for Impact is Intended for Impactful Organisations

Work for Impact is committed to only working with what we deem to be impactful organisations. These are organisations that strive to do good around the world, whether that be by running charities, donating proceeds to important causes, or operating in an ethical and sustainable manner.

We consider impactful organisations to be one of the following:

Nonprofit Organisations

Nonprofits or not-for-profits include any organisation that uses its revenues to further a specific social or environmental cause. They are not operated in order to generate a profit. Instead, they raise money through charitable donations, foundations, sponsorships, and government funding. Any surplus revenue they generate is used to advance their cause and make the world a better place.

Non-Governmental Organisations

Non-governmental organisations, also known as NGOs, are nonprofits that operate independently from any government. These organisations are formed by ordinary citizens in order to benefit society or to bring awareness to specific social and environmental causes. Like nonprofits, NGOs raise money primarily through donations, foundations, sponsorships, and government funding.

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are organisations that operate with specific social objectives. They can be structured as either a nonprofit or for-profit institution. However, regardless of their structure, they dedicate a significant amount of their time and resources to benefiting society and funding social programs.

Certified B Corporations

Certified B Corporations are organisations that meet extremely high standards of social and environmental awareness, public transparency, and legal accountability. These organisations successfully balance profit with ethical business practices. In order to receive certification, organisations undergo a thorough review of their governance, workers, community, and environmental impact. The certification is issued by B Lab, a nonprofit group that’s committed to increasing the social and environmental awareness of for-profit organisations.

Organisations That Adhere to the Triple Bottom Line Framework

The triple bottom line (TBL) framework recommends that organisations focus on social and environmental concerns just as much as they do on profits. Organisations that follow this theory work simultaneously on three different bottom lines:

  • Profit: Creating surplus revenue that can be used to grow the organisation.
  • People: Operating in a socially responsible way that has a positive impact on society.
  • Environment: Operating in an environmentally responsible way that has a minimal effect on the environment.

By following the TBL framework, organisations ensure they are always operating in an ethical way that’s beneficial to the world.

Who We Don’t Work With

Our commitment to our purpose and mission means there are some organisations that we will choose not to partner with, as they operate in direct conflict to our values and may adversely impact our goals.

These organisations include companies that produce products widely recognized as detrimental to human health and the environment.

We also refuse to work with any entity where we are aware that they do not respect internationally recognized human rights and labour standards or that violates international humanitarian laws.