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Our recruitment team can handle the whole hiring process and find the best independent contractors for your job, suited to your recruitment budget.

Contract Type

Step 1

Talk to your client success manager

Book a meeting with a Work for Impact client success manager, tell them about the role(s) you need to recruit for, and align on your hiring strategy.

Step 2

Receive a hiring recommendation

We post your job, interview candidates, and provide a hiring recommendation, along with interview transcripts and profiles of the shortlist.

Step 3

Hire the best independent contractor on
an hourly contract

Send a contract offer, detailing the hourly rate and hourly limit per week, and wait for the contractor to accept.

Step 4

Get billed weekly

Automate paying contractors. Track work logs in real-time, download invoices, and get auto-billed weekly.

Associated fees

Option 1

Clients pay a 10% platform fee, plus a 5% service fee, based on the gross service value (GSV).


Independent contractor earns


Client pays


$10 platform fee

$5 service fee

Option 2

Clients pay a 5% processing fee based on GSV, and independent contractors pay a 12% platform fee, which decreases to 7% after $10,000 in contract value.


Independent contractor earns



Client pays


$12 platform fee

$5 service fee

Our commitment to fair, 
secure & competitive work

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Fair rates for independent contractors

Work for Impact empowers talent to earn more for doing meaningful work. Independent contractors on our platform earn up to three times what they would at a traditional outsourcing company. To give talent confidence in their livelihood, we also provide payment protection on hourly contracts.

Cost-savings icon

Competitive rates for organizations

We only accept independent contractors that charge fair and competitive rates, taking into consideration location, skill set, and level of experience. Clients can submit disputes before billing for our resolution team to handle. However, due to our rigorous quality standards, we have a 0.06% dispute rate.

Fair work icon

Better work for a better world

We use a portion of our revenue to fund further education for students from underserved communities. So far, the clients and independent contractors on Work for Impact have allowed us to launch successful programs in multiple countries, including the Philippines, Brazil, Kosovo, Nepal, and Kenya.

Platform plans

Choose from our range of platform plans, suitable for organizations working with small business budgets to those operating at scale.


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  • Post up to 10 jobs per month
  • Project management and collaboration tools
  • Time tracking and work logs
  • Protected payments to 200+ countries
  • Basic invoice and financial reports


Team collaboration & hiring support


Everything in Free plus:

  • Full recruitment support for unlimited hires
  • Post up to 40 jobs per month
  • Promote up to 5 jobs per month
  • Advanced financial reports
  • Invite employees and create Teams
  • Employee onboarding support


Custom hiring & strategic talent management solutions


Everything in Teams plus:

  • Access a dedicated Client Success Manager and leverage our bespoke solutions. 
  • We can handle the recruitment of all your outsourced talent, scale teams up quickly, and help you evolve your talent strategy to grow your competitive advantage.

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