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Apply for Pathways to get your Google IT certification, job guidance and mentoring in a part-time six months program, at no cost to you.

About pathways

No matter who you are and where you were born, you deserve safe and respectful job opportunities. We’re here to help.

The Pathways philosophy is simple: we believe in personal and professional growth for all, without geographical and societal barriers. Sometimes it’s not about your skills and abilities, but about the limited number of opportunities available to you.

Through Pathways, you get a 6 months Google microdegree, mentorship and job readiness support.

At Work for Impact, we connect on-demand talent with purpose-driven organisations. Together, we bring to life impactful projects in a safe and sustainable way. We build a better world, one job at a time.

“Even if one door is closed, don’t give up... There are still opportunities.”

Why apply?

We welcome all young people from low income countries.
No prior IT experience needed.

No IT experience required

Pathways’ certified professional training will prepare you for an entry-level job in the IT support field.

Developed by Google

This Professional Certificate is a first-of its kind program, based on a part-time commitment of about 6 hours/week.

Completely online

There’s no need to show up to a classroom in person. Access everything anytime via the web or a mobile device.

When and where?

The next Pathways cohort will launch Q4.

To apply, you must be between 18 to 30 years old and from a low income country. The course is in English, with subtitles available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, German, Russian, and Spanish.