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Our Impact

The Impact is in our DNA

The idea behind Work for Impact was born in Ethiopia, Kenya and Nepal, where Geoff, our founder, has led Beyond the Orphanage for 14 years. There he discovered the severe lack of work opportunities and how geographic location, age, or ethnicity can unfavour so many.

Sometimes it’s not about what you are able to do, it’s about the limited number of paths you can take.

We started Work for Impact with the belief everyone should have access to safe and respectful online work opportunities. And that meant creating a platform where good people meet to do good things together.

At Work for Impact, a job is not just a job. It is the beginning of a larger journey which will unlock future potential and provide meaningful opportunities worldwide.

When we give back, we create a ripple effect that goes far beyond those we help

Some of the biggest influencers in our history didn’t give money – they gave time, resources, and opportunities. By joining us, you contribute to a new way of working, where we continue to build strong communities and keep pushing towards a better future.

Empowering Work Opportunity For All

We strive to connect purpose-driven organisations and businesses with the best on-demand talent in the world. We connect talented people regardless of their background creating a world we can all be proud of.

Work for Impact is the largest purpose-driven community connecting talent and organisations with the aim to bring equal opportunities through impactful projects in a safe and responsible way.

Because together, we’re building a better world, one job at a time.

Improving the long-term employability of young people in Nepal, Kenya, and Brazil.

The future of work doesn’t require traditional education, a conventional career path, or even physical presence at an employer’s location. What matters most are the skills and experiences to perform a role.

With our in-house program Pathways, we strive to help communities around the world take on sustainable employment challenges by leveraging the power of technology and impact-driven people.

By counting on Work for Impact for your hiring needs you directly contribute to growing the Pathways program. For every ten new contracts we onboard one Pathways student.

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Collaborative Impact

Hundreds of organizations and talent alike are contributing to causes they care about while working through Work for Impact.
We want to foster positive change and support other purpose-driven organisations which are working towards the same goals we are.

When working through Work for Impact, you directly contribute to supporting partner charities with 6% of our revenue contributing directly to making this world a better place.

By working with us you can contribute to:

  • Creating an inclusive and safe workspace in a digital world.
  • Supporting talent regardless of their background or geographical location.
  • Improving long-term unemployment issues and job readiness in low-income countries.
  • Donating to 9 different charities working on sustainability, social, and animal welfare issues.

How to get involved?

Hire global on-demand talent while contributing to building a better world, one job at a time.

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