Work for Impact for customer service

Unlock the power of independent customer service representatives

Support that’s better for your customers, better for your budget, and better for talent. Discover how our global talent platform and bespoke HR solutions could streamline your customer service.

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Impact Goals:

Reducing Inequality
Tackling Climate Change

Boost satisfaction & reduce talent costs

Find fully verified, independent customer service representatives who have the experience and passion to exceed your customers’ expectations. Reduce your customer service costs by over 50% at the same time – representatives on Work for Impact start from $9/hour.

Build agile global teams

Build fully remote customer service teams or augment your existing team with independent representatives spanning any timezone, up to 160 languages, and 185+ countries. Hire new customer service reps in days, increase hourly limits instantly, then cut back down in a click.

Simplify payroll for a global workforce

Avoid the complexity of hiring in-house employees and put independent contractor admin on auto-pilot. Our platform automates contracts, time tracking, and protected payments.

Access bespoke talent strategy & recruitment solutions

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Client Success Manager
Work For Impact

Browse and hire independent customer support representatives yourself on our platform, or get our Client Success team to handle all your recruitment.

Get instant hiring and talent management support during fluctuations in demand, market expansions, and strategic shifts.

Tap into our wealth of expertise in building remote workforces. We’ll help you build a competitive talent strategy that drives a skilled, fairly paid, and happy team – the cornerstone of exceptional customer support.

Independent talent solutions for every customer service team

Hire one customer service representative, a global team of 500+ specialists, or anything in between.

Outsource all your customer support

Reduce your customer service costs by outsourcing all your support needs to independent representatives.

Improve resolution times during busy seasons

Recruit seasonal customer service representatives to support your in-house team during peak periods.

Increase support capacity on demand

Work with on-demand representatives to ensure you resolve support tickets rapidly, even during sudden demand fluctuations.

Hire CSR in any market

Get your customer support function ready for new market launches in days and build remote teams across 185+ countries.

Find specialist reps

Enhance the customer experience by bringing independent industry or technical specialists into your customer service team.

Drive agile growth

Customer support should drive growth – not just keep pace. Quickly build and scale teams with the flexibility to cut back down in seconds.

500+ organizations work with customer service representatives on Work for Impact

Dana Golding

“We’ve saved 50% of our budget and the quality of representatives is above the bar. Work for Impact is the best partner for our customer support recruiting needs.”

Dana Golding

Director of Customer Support & Operations

With 37M+ members, Outdoorsy needed multi-timezone remote teams they could quickly scale up or down in response to seasonal customer service demands.

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reduction in talent costs


increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Work for Impact vs traditional outsourcing solutions

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Pathways Student

Through hiring on Work for Impact, you contribute to a more equitable world of work

By working with talent through our platform instead of a traditional outsourcing company, you enable them to earn over 2X more. Every contract also helps to power our Pathways program, which provides transformative further education for young people from underserved communities.

Hire CSR & supercharge your customer support

Book a call with our Client Success team to learn more about how Work for Impact could power your remote recruitment strategy.


What’s Work for Impact?

Work for Impact is the fast, ethical, and cost-effective way to find, hire, and manage exceptional independent contractors across 185+ countries. With our global talent platform and bespoke solutions, organizations of any size can tap into a wealth of diverse talent to fill critical skills gaps, build remote teams, and gain workforce agility.

Named Best For The World™ B Corporation 2022, every hire on Work for Impact powers fair and meaningful work, as well as life-changing education through our Pathways program.

How do I hire CSR on Work for Impact?

You have two options. You can either book a meeting with our Client Success team, tell them about your requirements, and then we’ll handle recruitment for you. Or you can hire CSR yourself by posting a job on our global talent platform.

Is HR going to complain about this?

Nope – they might thank you though! On the Work for Impact platform, it’s easy to hire CSR and access signed NDAs, timesheets, and contract information.

Does this save us money compared to traditional outsourcing?

Yes. Our innovative technology enables organizations to work directly with independent customer service representatives, cutting out the margin taken by a traditional outsourcing company, like a customer support staffing agency or a call center staffing company.

With a call center staffing agency or business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, customer service representatives take home as little as 20% of what you pay for them. With Work for Impact, talent takes home 84-89% of the money you pay. The fees we deduct go towards powering our platform and our Pathways program, which delivers education to students in low-income countries.

Can I use this alongside my existing customer service team?

Yes, working with us and the independent contractors on our platform is fully flexible. You can either use Work for Impact for all your customer service team needs – or just some of them. Our platform has collaboration features, allowing every member of your team to chat with independent talent. If you’re using other team collaboration software, we can even help onboard your new talent and get them up to speed with your tools.