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How it Works For Clients

Are you a socially and environmentally responsible organisation, or a nonprofit? Work for Impact can help you find the right freelancers so you can bring your projects to life.

Create Your Profile

When you sign up for Work for Impact, you’ll be able to customize your profile to let freelancers know more about your organisation and what you stand for.

Profile Picture:
Upload a photo or logo to personalize your profile.

About Your Organisation:
Write a brief summary of your organisation, explaining who you are and what you do.

Identify Your Causes:
Does your organisation support any specific causes? (Animal rights, poverty, clean drinking water etc.) Include those here.

Post Your Job

Once your profile is completed, you’re ready to advertise any available jobs you have to our pool of talented freelancers.

Describe Your Job:
Outline what the job is, the various tasks involved, and what you hope to achieve.

Define Your Requirements:
Describe the specific skills and types of experience you’re looking for.

Set Your Budget:
Decide on a budget and whether you want to pay per-hour or per-project.

Hire Freelancers

After your job is posted you’ll be able to start evaluating potential candidates.

Review Freelancers: Compare freelancers’ bids, proposals, skills, and experience levels to determine suitable applicants.

Interview Candidates:
Use Work for Impact’s built-in chat and video call functionality to interview freelances who you think would be a good fit.

Hire Your Freelancer:
Award the contract to the freelancer who you feel is most qualified.

Get to Work

Work for Impact’s custom workspace allows you to easily collaborate with freelancers.

Share Files:
Upload and share any necessary files required for your freelancer to get started.

Track Job Progress:
Get updates on the progress of your project to ensure tasks are being completed on schedule.

Give Feedback:
Review completed work and leave notes and instructions for any necessary revisions.

Make Payments

When your project has been completed you’ll be able to pay your freelancer safely and securely.

Only Pay for Work You Authorize:
You will only be required to pay for work once it’s been approved by you.

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method:
Pay your freelancer via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.

Access Invoices and Payment History:
Download invoices and access your complete payment history at any time.

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