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Why on-demand talent matters in uncertain times

We’ve been big believers in flexible work arrangements and the importance of on-demand talent for a very long time now. But never in our wildest dreams did we imagine a time when the concept would matter this much. Never could we have predicted that this modern approach to work relations would move from rare to commonplace in the blink of an eye and transform from a luxury to a necessity seemingly overnight. It made our heads spin and reaffirmed everything we thought to be true about the importance of remote work opportunities. 

In these wild, uncertain, complex times, accessing flexible on-demand talent has become critical to business success. Here’s why;

Things are changing at lightning speed

It’s Monday and you need a web-developer to make it easier for your customers to order your products online. On Wednesday, you realise a freelance graphic designer could be handy to make a snazzy sign announcing your customers are allowed back in your door. By Friday you’ve heard about government funding that might be available to you, but a finely-tuned proposal should be penned by a freelance content writer. All in a whirlwind week during Covid times. With things changing at lightning speed, the only way to find time for sleep is to access a myriad of talent on-demand and set up flexible work arrangements. 

Problems are best solved by specialists

Though you could probably attempt all of the tasks being thrown your way independently, or with the help of your already stretched team, allocating jobs to a specialist will see them done properly, dare we say perfectly, in a fraction of the time. There’s a saying by Red Adair that says, ‘if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.’ If you ask us, it can be just as costly and time-wasting if you try and fail yourself. If you’re an amateur at that particular task, consider passing it to on-demand talent and watch it get taken care of in a jiffy. 

Flexibility and uncertainty are a perfect match

There are very few businesses out there at the moment that feel 100% certain of their future. How can they when the whole state of the globe is running on an energy of uncertainty? When you feel unsure of what’s around the corner, recruiting new team members can feel like a risky decision. With freelancers you have complete flexibility with the terms of the agreement and will usually benefit from a prompt start time; no waiting for them to wrap up many weeks of notice with another employee. 

Fresh talent equals fresh ideas

This pandemic has not surprisingly thrown many people into a state of disarray, creating some fairly bleak mindsets and stifling creativity. By temporarily injecting new people into the workplace – whether that workplace is physical or digital – fresh ideas and a sense of renewal can be felt within your team. Old problems can be tackled with a new approach and a feeling of progress will be sensed by those in the business. Even if you aren’t in a position to hire full-time staff, bringing on outsiders on a project basis will signal to others that you are moving forward, that things are going to be a-okay. 

Here’s the solution

Here at Work for Impact we offer the chance to connect with flexible on-demand talent that can not only get the job done but align with your values and crave ethical jobs. Whether you want to hire marketing freelancers, find a Facebook page manager or beyond. You can take your freelance connections to the next level by signing-up and submitting your next task right here on this platform. Sign up for free today.