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How to hire the right freelance mobile app developers for your project

In a world where there are 6.3 billion people with smartphones, Pandemic increased the time spent in front of screens. For that reason, the app market skyrocketed. If you want to catch the app market train, you might need freelance mobile app developers. 

According to a Forbes Article, the worldwide spending on mobile apps grew to $34 billion to satisfy the needs of people in different areas.  

Business and Medical Apps rose in terms of popularity. While travel apps keep bouncing back because of the COVID-19 impact, apps in the games, health & fitness and education categories keep benefiting from the pandemic-driven growth.

Considering that 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day and 49% of people open an app 11+ times each day, it might be a good opportunity to enter the mobile app market. 

For that reason, we share with you information to consider before hiring freelance app developers and bringing your app idea to life.

Why Consider Hiring Freelance Mobile App Developers? 

From outsourcing teams to in-house teams and freelancers, you have different options for hiring someone to develop your mobile app.

However, Startups and entrepreneurs might not always have the structure or necessary budget to make it work. For instance, Freelance app developers might be a good choice for 4 reasons: 


With a funnel down research, you will be able to choose specialized talent aligned with the characteristics and app needs. Also, you will get advice and obtain enlightening feedback from reliable experts that work in this exact field for some time. 

For example, If you consider an IOS or Android app, you will choose a specialized person to develop it accordingly.

Moreover, hiring freelance mobile app developers with the right skill set will provide you with a final quality product, either in a native platform or web app.

Also, with creative inputs and differentiation, the end result will be great and stand out on the mobile stores. 

Cost Reduction and Cost-effectiveness

You will get great results for a fraction of the price by working with a good freelance specialist. Also, it is cost-effective compared to having in-house resources or hiring an app development company. 

The longevity of the collaboration can be short or long term. And you don’t have to bother with recruitment costs. 

Greater Time Saving

As you have someone skilled focused on app development, you will get it faster and use your time on other aspects of your business. You just need to spare time for weekly checks and delivery milestones. 

Or you can have a project coordinator in-house to take care of it and just validate the high level and important topics. 

Things to consider before hiring freelance mobile App developers:

There are things you must consider before hiring someone to develop your app. Compile a brief document with the topics below to give a full understanding of your app project and make everyone aligned for a successful collaboration: 

  • Define your mobile app project goals and success metrics;
  • Describe your idea and your target.
  • Draft a request for proposal, including the app platform, app type and domain, features and monetization ideas; 
  • Draft a Non-disclosure agreement to protect your idea and application; 
  • Define a budget range and payment terms for the collaboration; 
  • Share a required delivery date (estimate) and give clarity about the launch date intention to align all the development process stages; 

But don’t be too narrow. Give space for creativity and exploration to develop something that will stand out from the competition.

How to hire top freelance mobile app developers, and what should you consider?

Find an app developer passionate in your business app idea.

Finding skilled talent and purely interested in development it’s easy. But finding a developer that really cares about your project might be harder. The person needs to evaluate the app potential and contribute with valuable inputs based on their experience to make a successful app.

Examine the portfolio of the freelance mobile app developers

Ask the app developer to showcase the latest work. Evaluate how many functional apps helped to launch on the app stores. Also, understand the scope of work of each app to understand the skillset range. 

Go beyond coding and consider design, usability and testing to understand the level of deliverability aligned with your team or available skillset. 

Also, keep an eye on the UI/UX Skills to assure the freelance app developer can develop a pleasant and excellent visual user experience. 

Read client testimonials 

Client feedback proves the level of the work executed and the satisfaction with the end result. So, check their profile and read all the client testimonials, whatever the platform you are searching for freelance mobile app developers. 

Make sure the ratings are reliable. Maybe you can contact the freelancer client to explain their experience if you find a direct contact. 

Understand the Development Approach 

While talking with the freelancer, ask questions about the development approach and which stages it will take place to develop the app. Your app must be developed with great foundations. 

Usually, app development goes through five stages of work: 

  1. Writing logic or Strategy
  2. Designing UI and UX
  3. Development
  4. Testing and bug fixing
  5. Releasing the app

But don’t be afraid to ask questions about the development process to guarantee that the workflow will work out and fit the business process. 

Access multiple platform experience

You might intend to launch the app on different platforms. So, we suggest you to check the freelancer experience with different platforms, from IOS or Android app platforms to a cross-platform framework.

Otherwise, you might start a collaboration with someone that can develop your requirements. 

Understand the kind of relationship you can build with

Mobile app development will take time. Through an initial conversation, you can check the freelance availability and the kind of collaboration the freelance nurtures with the clients. 

You must prevent any development abandonment and assure the workflow will last until the application launch or beyond.  

Consider the time zone differences

Time zone difference is a possible obstacle. Hence, you can prevent it by keeping a clear and scheduled communication from the beginning. Assure the app deliverability through a smooth collaboration with the help of 24 time zones.

Other skills you should consider is creativity, teamwork and communication to ensure a smooth and overdeliver collaboration. 

How much does it cost to hire a freelance mobile app developer? 

Not everything is about the price. You might be working with a person for the first time that requires your trust, so don’t focus your choice only on the hourly budget.

Good, Cheap and Fast isn’t a possible match. Choosing a low-cost collaboration might bring you dissatisfaction or cost you in the long run. And I’m sure you don’t want to redo your app. 

As you are looking to develop a successful web or mobile app, it demands expertise and quality service that has a price.

On Work for Impact, you can find top freelancer app developers with verified skills from 10$/hour to 150$/hour. It’s up to you to decide your budget limitations and adjust the expertise, skills and work delivered to build your deserved app. 

Where to Find the Best Freelance Mobile App Developers?

Ask for references

By talking with your network, you can ask for referrals. Usually, people will suggest freelance talent based on their collaboration experience and projects developed. By doing it, you can save time from a potential selection process to hire the best freelance mobile app maker.

Research on Freelance Hiring Platforms

It’s important to select wisely your hiring platform to find the right and trustworthy collaboration. You can look for freelancers on freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr.

If you have a purpose-driven business, it might be better to look for mission-aligned freelance app developers at Work For Impact

For example, Work For Impact addresses a manual verification process of the freelancer skills and conducts online skills tests. This verification process reduces the risk of companies hiring and reinforces the reliability of vetted and skilled freelance talent. 

Hope you feel this article is a great base to align your app idea and your hiring process. It’s time to search for the right freelance mobile app developer

Hope it helps you bring your mobile app to life. Wish you a good development.