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How to Find Freelance Jobs That Align with Your Values

It’s been said that people do their best work when they are working on things they are passionate about. This is why it’s so important to find freelance jobs that are in line with your values. 

As a freelancer, if you’re continually working on projects that you’re passionate about then you’re going to produce higher quality work. This will allow you to request higher rates for your services and build a more sustainable business for yourself.

But more importantly, if you’re always doing work that you believe in you’ll be happier and will feel much more fulfilled.

Here are some tips to find freelance jobs that align with your values.

Define Your Values

Before you can find jobs that align with your values you’ll need to define what your values are and what’s important to you.

To do this, start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • What makes you feel happy and fulfilled? Think of the times in your life when you were happiest. What were you doing and what factors contributed to your happiness?
  • Who do you admire? We often admire people because they embody values that are important to us, so look to those you admire and consider why you admire them.
  • What are your goals? Think about what will make you happy in the future and what you will need to do to achieve your goals.

Based on the answers to these questions you should be able to start defining what your most important values are. Try to make a list of your top values so you can keep them in mind when choosing future jobs and projects. 

You’ll want to revisit your values every so often, as they will likely change and evolve throughout your life.

Look for Jobs That Interest You

When you’re looking for work, it can be tempting to simply search for freelance jobs that you’re qualified for and that meet your payment expectations. But if you want to find work that is truly fulfilling then you’ll need to be a little more particular about the jobs you take on.

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When you do jobs that align with your values you’ll do better work and feel more fulfilled. Photo by bruce mars from Pexels.

Look for jobs that deal with subjects you’re interested in. Or better yet, find jobs that support causes that are important to you. For example, if you’re passionate about animals search out opportunities to do work for clients such as veterinarians, animals shelters, and animal rights activists.

When you’re considering a job, consult the list of values you created and ask yourself whether the job you’re applying for is true to those values. If not, it might be a good idea to move on and find a job that’s better suited to your interests. 

Research Potential Clients

Finding clients that align with your values is just as important as finding the right job. If you and your clients have opposing values and beliefs it’s going to lead to a difficult working relationship.

So, when you’re considering a potential job make sure to research the client or organization that’s offering the opportunity to ensure they are a good fit for you. If they have a website make sure to review it. See if you can find their mission statement or any information on their goals and objectives.

Of course, what an organization says about itself and how it actually acts can sometimes be different, which is why you should also seek out reviews. Look for reviews from customers to see what their experience with the organization has been like. You’ll also want to find reviews from past employees and freelancers to ensure they were treated well during their time with the client.

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Make sure to research any potential clients to ensure they align with your values and beliefs. Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash.

Finally, see what kind of accreditations the organization has. For example, Certified B Corporations are organizations that meet extremely high standards of social and environmental awareness, public transparency, and legal accountability. These types of certifications can tell you a lot about an organization’s values.

Don’t Be Afraid to Turn Down an Opportunity if it’s Not Right for You

It’s not uncommon for freelancers to feel like they have to accept every job that’s given to them. But the truth is if you want to find freelance jobs that align with your values you must first turn down the ones that don’t.

It’s simply impossible to do your best work when you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. If the project or client isn’t in line with your beliefs the quality of your work will inevitably suffer. And that’s not fair to you or the client.

Plus, every job you accept means there will be one or two projects down the road that you may have to decline. You don’t want to be put in a situation where you have to turn down work that really excites you because you’re stuck doing work that’s not bringing you any fulfilment.

Remember, as a freelancer you’re not obligated to accept every offer you’re given. There’s nothing wrong with declining work while you wait for an opportunity that’s more in line with your values.

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