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How to Easily Hire On-Purpose Remote Freelancers

Hiring great talent has always been the goal. Still, in recent years there has been an uptake in the desire to hire remote freelancers driven by purpose and care about their impact on the world. 

But the process can be unnecessarily drawn out when Hiring Managers get caught up in bottlenecks due to their own lack of time or even lack of experience in hiring remotely. This can be more complex with the added level of locating purpose-driven pre-approved talent. 

The talent of high calibre can also be lost in the noise of popular talent finding platforms. This is where a company like Work for Impact can really make the most impact. Not only assisting with direct hires but easing the journey through by supporting all stages of the hiring journey. We know not all employers need a complete end-to-end concierge service (our team would be happy to help you if you do). Instead, we offer bespoke support in whichever way you need it best. 

Because if you, like one of our clients, was heading off to a Silent Retreat whilst coming up against a hiring deadline. You could be safe in the knowledge you would return to a full vetted shortlist based on your hiring criteria. Rested and raring to go on your return!

This blog breaks down all the core elements (outlined below) of our Concierge Service. Highlighting how we can help you find the right on-purpose talent as quickly as possible.

  • Introducing our Complimentary Concierge Service
  • Creating the perfect Job Listing
  • Pre-selecting the ideal freelance candidates
  • Interviewing and reviewing your potential hires
  • Final Hire Selection and Remote Freelancers On-Boarding 
  • Full End-to-End Service Summary

Introducing our Complimentary Concierge Service: Finding Your Next Remote Freelancer

First and foremost, we should probably let you know our complimentary Concierge Service is precisely that, complimentary. Meaning no 4 figure price tags attached to finding the right talent for your company. It’s also flexible, with no need to commit to the full cycle or even the full range of services available. Instead, let us know what you need help with the most, and our incredible Customer Support team will get you started.

Most of our Concierge Service is email assisted. Our focus is on tailoring the service to your personal hiring requirements through regular email communications. With this service, you can pick and choose what you need support with the most. It allows you to both be part of the hiring elements you want to be (and even enjoy) whilst leaving the detailed and more time-consuming tasks with us. 

Best of all, it leaves you with the time you need to keep changing the world, which is what matters most, so let’s break down the Concierge Support elements you might need. 

Attracting the Best Freelance Talent: Creating the perfect Job Listing

The foundations of all talent sourcing ventures is the Job Listing. It’s essential to provide all the critical information for any potential hires at this stage. These postings should include the overall job description, information about the company and purpose, as well as, key skills and experience requirements of the employee, and importantly the salary offer or rate. The right choice words and attached figures can dramatically improve the talent you attract to a role, so it’s essential to focus on this.

We’re more than happy to advise on nailing your Job Listing. As well as providing live support through our website’s chat feature (or on Facebook Messenger) to get your jobs listed asap. For more extensive writing or knowledge support, we suggest dropping our Customer Support Team an email. 

When sharing your new job postings, you can be secure in the knowledge any talent who will see your post will have passed our skill verification tests. As well as having been run through our profile review process. And if you’re running low on time, you can leave the job posting entirely to us. We’ll independently review the posting and optimize it to attract the right freelancers. 

Case Study

One of our clients needed support in writing a grant. However, they weren’t sure exactly what budget they needed to offer, nor had they used a platform like Work for Impact before. Once we’d received the details, we advised on salary and listed the role. Work for Impact offered additional support in analyzing the proposals received from the talent pool and helped finalize the perfect candidate. 

Pre-selecting the ideal freelance candidates: Organizing the Ideal Candidate Shortlist

The time between job posting and interviewing is often filled with a large amount of admin. This is one of the biggest bottlenecks for a large number of employers. Receiving applications, vetting candidates and creating shortlists are all time-consuming tasks that Work for Impact can happily assist with. 

In fact, the platform is set up to make this easy for users. However, we can also offer support here. From searching for and emailing suitable freelancers, get your job post out in front of more (appropriate) eyes to searching for specific skills and purposes. Our shortlists often range from 20-100 freelancers per role from this outreach. 

Additionally, where the shortlists are extensive, we can then vet candidates in writing with screening questions to further hone down to the golden shortlist. We then present to you roughly 10 ideal candidates. All throughout this, we update you weekly about how the search is going, so you’ll never feel out of the loop. 

Case Study

A client received many proposals for their Social Media Marketing role; 32 in total, in fact. The choice was overwhelming. To narrow down the list, we sent out vetting questions around Social Marketing and Brand Strategy. The responses were compiled and provided to the client for evaluation. This additional information enabled the client to cut down the list quickly, without worrying they had missed a gem. 

Interviewing and reviewing your potential hires: Narrowing Down the Search

At this point, some clients are ready to hire and no longer require our assistance. Others go on to interview themselves, but those with time restraints often take advantage of our interviewing service

Once the shortlist has been narrowed down to the final few candidates, our Concierge team can either independently interview or sit in on interviews if the client needs additional support. As the Concierge has been involved with the entire hiring process, it can be beneficial for both sides to be present. Allowing the client to focus on finding the right fit for their team and the Concierge to check the candidate clearly demonstrates the skills and experiences they outlined in their applications. 

All interviews, and communications, take place through the Work for Impact website, so you can be assured the whole process is seamless. 

Final Hire Selection and Freelancer On-Boarding: Selecting Your Next Team Member

The last stages of any hiring process is the final selection. We know most hiring managers will want the final say, and we encourage this, as we believe you know your company and team best.

Following a decision, we can continue our support in ensuring your new hire hits the ground running with platform onboarding and training services. From setting up the new contract, and walking the new hire through it, to ensuring they know how the Work for Impact platform works. To enable them to start tracking their time from day one. Essentially your new talent will be ready to go asap, with no delays on the service side. Voilà! 

Full End-to-End Service Summary: From Talent to Employee Without the Hassle

Work for Impact can offer all the services above individually, as well as a full end-to-end service. Our goal is to remove all of the bottlenecks in your hiring process and make sure you hire the best on purpose talent for the job

This service includes all the benefits outlined above, excluding the set of your payment systems, which we will advise you through. Think of it like pick and mix. Select the elements you need help with and get in touch with our support team to get the ball rolling. 

If you’ve got any more questions about the Work for Impact Concierge Offering, please write us at, we’d be happy to answer them today.