How Ethical Business Practices Can Improve Your Organizational Culture

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s leading organizations have a great company culture. A strong organizational culture is really important as it directly affects various factors of your business, enhancing your ability to recruit top talent, maintain a happy workforce, improve team motivation and deliver excellent customer service. To achieve great results, you […]

Best freelance websites to find purposeful work

When searching for freelance work, the first freelance websites coming to your mind might be Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. However, there are Job platforms focused especially on social impact, environment, and sustainability: connecting purpose-driven organizations and talented professionals to make a positive impact worldwide. Hence, if you are looking for freelance jobs aligned with your […]

Fighting plastic pollution and helping communities | ReSea Project | Kenny Louring

Kenny Louring is the Marketing Manager at ReSea Project. He looks after all the marketing, communication, and commercial activities at ReaSea, an organization at the forefront of fighting plastic pollution. Their cleanup solution is community-driven. Meaning that they employ people in local communities to recover plastic waste polluting oceans and rivers. Their impact is solely […]

Meaningful animated stories | Elda Nayeli F. | Motion Graphic Designer

Today we’re very happy to introduce you to Elda, she’s based in Mexico and she is a motion graphic designer. Elda has worked in the animation industry since 2012, collaborating with some of the top Mexican films, advertising agencies, and universities. She has experience in character animation, illustration, design, 3D modeling, video, and sound editing.  […]