5 reasons freelancing is the future of work

Industry analysts have predicted that freelancing is the future of work for years. They pointed to the fact that freelancers made up a third of the global workforce, 1.1 billion of the 3.5 billion workers in 2019. And in the six years leading up to 2020, the number of people who identified as long-term freelancers — […]

How nonprofits and organizations can diversify their funding streams

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the way organisations across the world operate. As the crisis continues to develop, organizations need to be ready to adapt to ensure their operations run as smoothly as possible, and reduce risk through a diversified income stream.  Most organizations are already thinking about how they can […]

How to Build Successful Long-Term Relationships with Freelancers

Finding the right freelancer for your organization can be the difference between a project succeeding or failing. So, when you hire someone that fits perfectly into your organizational culture and delivers great results you’ll want to ensure you build a strong long-term relationship with them. 83% of highly-skilled freelancers say they have a number of […]

Five things you need to ask when hiring a remote freelancer

So, you’ve posted your project on Work for Impact, searched our verified talent and identified the perfect freelancer (or maybe a shortlist of freelancers) you’d like to work with. Next comes the fun part: interviews. Work for Impact has developed a built-in chat and video call functionality to interview the talent you think would be […]