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Care and dedication to nonprofit and third sector | Giovanni Hernández | Senior NGO Management Consultant

We are in Mexico City, the densely populated, high altitude capital of Mexico. Here we meet Giovanni, a Senior NGO Management Consultant with almost 20 years of experience.

I am a private, bilingual (Spanish/English), Senior Nonprofit Organizations Management Consultant with a background of 18 years of professional experience (2002-2020) of which 15 years have been of direct collaboration within the third sector. I specialize in Analysis, Direction, and Strategy; Organizational Management; Fundraising (grant writing); Program and Project Management; Grants Management; Partnerships Management; and HR Recruitment. Currently holder of national and international certifications for CSOs Executive Management (2016, 2017) and Grants Management from the United States Government (USAID) (2013). Graduated from the University of Guadalajara (UDG), specialized in Community Social Psychology.

My first experience with humanitarian work was in 2002, helping indigenous communities in my country (Huichols, Nahuas). In 2004 I entered the world of philanthropy and in 2008 in the International Cooperation field. In 2009 I co-founded my first CSO called FUNCRESAC (Sustainable Growth Foundation). I also expanded my impact by collaborating with international CSOs working in Latin America and in 2019 I expanded worldwide. In 2013 I created the brand FeatCo, to give birth to an organizational consulting group specialized in CSOs.

Four questions to get to know Giovanni a bit more:

Why did you join Work for Impact?

During a decade and a half of professional work, I have dedicated my time, energy, and effort to work with and for non-profit organizations. When I heard about the “Work for Impact”, it was an organic match. I like the fact that it is exclusive for these types of organizations since it is not something common to find.

What motivates you? 

Knowing that what I do helps those who need it most. Knowing that through my work I help to make the world habitable for everyone. Seeing the smile of the people that I have helped is truly a great satisfaction.

How would you contribute to make the world a better place? 

Changing everything that is wrong in this world. Be it individually or with other people. Generating these changes on a daily basis, constantly and continuously.

Favorite organization? 

I don’t have one in particular. I enjoy working with both small and large organizations. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages, and challenges. Let’s say that I enjoy working with people who firmly believe in their cause, who are passionate about what they do, committed to their work, and at the same time open to make changes on the way.

Do you want to connect?

If you want to know more, connect with Giovanni at Work for Impact. If you want to share your story as a freelancer, you can reach us at

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