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Building a Startup: Is it possible to build a successful startup exclusively by hiring freelancers?

Building a Startup most certainly will always be a challenge. And a big part of that equation is up to who you decide to work with. But, of course, money most probably will be limited, as well.

At the beginning of this journey, you might find yourself not only handling all things administrative and marketing-related but also creating content yourself. When that happens, running a one-person show and taking care of every single detail can get quite exhausting.

One might suggest hiring team members to help out, but what if the unstable workload suddenly changes? Well, that’s why so many startups start with the help of freelancers. This way, you will have more time to work on crucial things to grow your business without the commitment of full-time staff and wasted time doing it yourself. 

When building a startup, you know that work can be overwhelming, and there’s never enough time to do everything. Any help is appreciated, but no one seems to be there to get things done, right? Well, with freelancers, you have someone by your side when you need it the most.

 Simplify the onboarding process with on-demand talent by focusing on growing your social presence or designing your website. All while enrolling resources for specific periods when you need to scale. You can also hire developers or designers to take your Startup to the next level. And maintain a clear and efficient calendar where you manage task by task, not people.

What is the difference between hiring employee or a freelancer when building a startup?

A big difference between a team of freelancers and a team of employees could be the dependence on you. With freelancers, on the other hand, the contact between startups and freelancers tends to be more accessible. There are often fewer complications, and you benefit from a structure or contract aligned with the workload. This way, your content, reports, visuals or landing pages will be ready on time. And you can focus on taking care of the vision and growth of your successful Startup.

When hiring successful freelancers, there may be this collective sense of fear about risking reliability. The truth is that freelancing is actually a great responsibility. And freelancers offer great talent for aspiring startups. Nevertheless, some platforms specialize in finding talent, vetting experience and skills, reviewing and assessing profiles for startups looking for an efficient and effective hiring solution.

Instead of searching the internet for service providers who work as independent freelancers, it can be easier to use third-party sources when building a startup. These streamline the entire process for you. And tackle the challenge of trustworthiness and reliability to get the human resources you need with little to no paperwork.

Plus, a team of freelancers can be ten times more productive than a regular team. This is because, with freelancers, you are already selecting them with the task or content in mind. For example, when you hire specialized freelancers, you have a team of experts who work precisely on their areas of expertise. Instead of umbrella processionals taking on tasks they may not enjoy as much or are less efficient.

If you are not convinced yet, take a look at these 5 key benefits of hiring freelancers:

1. Low administrative costs

Most freelancers are paid per project or hours worked on a project. So you only pay for what they create or complete, instead of having someone on your payroll, whether the volume of work is high or low. Moreover, you do not have to worry about a complete onboarding or constantly checking in with freelancers. You have to keep an eye on the progress of your project. With freelancers, you can switch a project on and off and terminate it when conditions change. You no longer need to compulsorily employ staff, which will save you administrative costs.

2. Diversity of talent

When you hire employees from your city, talent selection in your geographic area can be limited. However, with freelancing platforms that work on a global scale, your pool of talent is unlimited—giving you the ability to connect with people from all over the world. In addition, they can offer a different perspective, background, skillset and outlook on the diverse tasks at hand. Working with freelancers is the way to go if you want to bring variety into your business.

Freelancing is a way of working for which you need a strong culture, knowledge and uniqueness. And so freelancers offer creative and innovative solutions to all kinds of problems or tasks for successful startups.

It’s a common misconception to think that freelancers are only for writing or other ad hoc projects within a company. But the truth is that they can offer so much more. You can also hire freelancers for more sensitive and complex tasks, such as legal advice, web design, SEO, growth, customer service and business development. This way, they become part of the company culture you build and help your Startup grow and thrive.

3. Less financial risk

Most successful startups start with a small budget, so hiring freelancers is an excellent way to take fewer financial risks. However, there is less risk of misspending because you are not committing to a fixed period or investing in training or programmes your employees might not need. This way, your Startup benefits from flexible contract clauses and services delivered on time.

4. Flexible working hours

If you think that flexibility is only an advantage on the side of freelancers, think again! Freelancers often indeed arrange their schedule and choose their working hours, which is a benefit on their end. However, it is also an advantage for startups that require urgent services. Freelancers offer a flexible contract where both parties can work when and how they want. And besides this flexibility, startups benefit from the fact that services can be provided more easily and quickly.

5. Specialized workforce 

Because you can decide which freelancer to book, you benefit from the best talent and skills on every project. These are professionals passionate about their services, which translates into appealing, creative, and efficient results. It can also contribute to startups growth strategy with local knowledge and unique perspective. Building startups with the help of highly talented people sourced worldwide would be a challenge and very pricey if you had to do it without freelancers.

A team shaped by freelancers 

Building a foundation of flexible contracts is very helpful for emerging startups. It is an excellent way for businesses to develop and grow on a shoestring budget. Institutions use freelancers for all sorts of positions, and indeed these professionals are a valuable asset for small businesses. For startups, the balancing act between low overheads and fast production often does not justify the cost of hiring full-time staff. Freelancers are not only very cost-effective but also offer flexible resources and skills.

This allows you to constantly keep up with client and market demands. And to offer a variety of services, you can hire different freelancers with different backgrounds. The next time you reach for a different kind of writing or designing, for example. Freelancers are a great resource when it comes to innovation within a company.

Building a startup with freelancers is a trend

Hiring freelancers and overall outsourcing is not only one of the fastest-growing trends for companies new to the business. It also allows emerging startups to grow. If you are ready to streamline your hiring process, you should consider onboarding freelancers. 

Build a strong foundation through a global workforce that matches your values, aspirations and talent needs. Since there are no geographical boundaries, they are sure to be a source of inspiration. And bringing a competitive edge and even enhancing your business through their unique experiences, culture and knowledge.

Take advantage of an affordable, efficient, knowledgeable, and flexible team. And start building a startup with freelancers, growing your business to its full potential.

Work For Impact is a B Corp certified freelancing platform specializing in purposeful projects, aligning talent’s values with a suitable organization’s mission. A freelancing platform that makes hiring top talent and contributing to a better world a reality. 

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