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How to make your freelance profile stand out

Completing a profile online can be a daunting task. But it’s one most of us will need to do on multiple occasions. If your Work for Impact profile has been collecting dust, left unfinished and on your to-do list, now’s the time to get it sorted—with a little assistance from us. Read on to understand why it’s so vital to have your profile completed to 100% and some handy hints on how to get started.

Why you need to complete your Work for Impact profile?

1. You need to stand out amongst the fierce competition

No matter what point you are at in your freelance career, you’ve probably realized the competition is fierce. Clients have the privilege of cherry-picking their talent from anywhere in the globe and can sort through streams of experienced professionals in a matter of seconds. To stand out, you’ll need a profile that quickly grabs attention and verbally and aesthetically articulates who you are and what you can offer. Your personal bio – whether here on Work for Impact or someone else – should be honest, concise and unique. Common mistakes when writing a bio including misrepresenting your skills, writing too much or not enough, and rinsing repeating the most obvious responses. This is the time to tap into some creativity. 

2. A complete profile will save you time… and potentially heartache

So let’s assume you cut through the competition and grab the attention of someone on the hunt for a freelancer, even without a complete profile. They reach out and the conversation begins, back and forward discussing the project and getting all excited about what lies ahead. Only to realize you are missing one special skill or certificate they need to bring you on board. Heart shattered, time wasted. But if you complete your profile, also through the Work for Impact skills verification test, this can be avoided entirely, ensuring you invest your time only in connecting with projects that you match to and you can prove your skills to clients at glance.

3. It’s an exercise in asserting your career vision

There’s a wise saying by author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar that says:

Repetition is the mother of learning and the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.

As a freelancer, you might feel like you are constantly pitching yourself and articulating your skills and bio; from LinkedIn to Instagram, your personal online portfolio and resume, along with countless cold-call emails. Though this repetition might feel like a drag, with every re-write your goals will crystallize. Through this repetition, you will assert your career vision with more authority and find it easier to put into words who you are and what you are striving for. By completing your Work for Impact profile you are taking another step towards the very best version of your work self. 

4. You will increase your chances of being found

If you haven’t had a deep dive on the Work for Impact website, you may not know how things work from the business side—from the side of those looking for talent rather than looking for work. Aside from just listing their opportunities and waiting for applications, organizations can scroll through Work for Impact profiles and search according to skills and talent. This means if your profile is complete you could be approached to work on a project that’s not even listed on the site. The ultimate freelance dream: a meaningful work opportunity that comes knocking on your doorstep, no scouting required.

Remember: if your profile is at a very early stage, Clients won’t be able to see it or receive your proposals until it has been reviewed and accepted by the WFI team.

5. You’ll be ready when your dream opportunity pops up

Haven’t yet stumbled upon your dream freelance opportunity on Work for Impact? You never know when it might pop up. And will you be ready? Because if you’re not, someone else might very well be! Stay a few steps ahead by planning for the possibility of seeing your most career-changing ultimate work gig shining right before your very eyes. What would you do? You’d race around like a lunatic and get your profile up to 100% quicker than you could say ‘dream gig’. So why wait and risk rushing it? As the wise ones say, proper preparation prevents poor performance. 

In a nutshell: how to complete your Work for Impact Profile

Your Work For Impact profile first and foremost requires a summary, a snapshot of who you are both personally and professionally. This may give a glimpse into your best skills and work and a taste of your personality. Here you can find some meaningful and inspiring examples.

After you’ve got the bio summary complete, additional information will feel like a breeze. Now it’s time to put down:

  • Your education
  • Experience
  • Location
  • Hourly rate
  • Number of hours you have available weekly
  • Work samples or a portfolio, that visually projects your identity. 
  • Your skills. This is your chance to demonstrate what your expertise is, also thanks to the verified skills process.

Remember to leave out anything that no longer serves you or reflects where you are headed. If you’re an experienced Graphic Designer, clients probably don’t need to read about your experience pulling beers in a bar.

Don’t forget also to add your Impact and Personal goals. Why are these so important? Work for Impact connects freelancers to socially, environmentally responsible, and nonprofit organizations. They might be interested in knowing more about the ways you want to make an impact in the world, the causes that you love and you’d like to support.

And if you have any other personal goals that don’t fit under the voice ‘impact’ but are still meaningful to you, you’ll have an additional space where to add them.

Now you’re ready to rumble….and land new amazing work. 

Did you find some blocks along the way?

You may find answers in our guide, or you can reach out to our support team, they will be happy to help you out and get you job-ready in the shortest possible time.