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How we’re making a global impact with access to opportunities for all

We’re passionate about disrupting the traditional models of work and the freelance economy to provide fair, flexible and meaningful opportunities globally by connecting talent with for-purpose organisations to work together, for good. 

A relatively new startup, we’re super proud of our innovative, sustainable business model and our commitment to finding equal opportunities for freelancers around the world – particularly in low and middle income countries. 

In this video, you’ll meet our founder Geoff Hucker and some of our other amazing team members where they explain how Work for Impact works and how we are truly making a difference.

“We believe that where you live shouldn’t determine the types of jobs you have access to,” explains Geoff.  

“I founded Work for Impact with a vision to be able to provide opportunities for mission-driven organizations to work with talented professionals without geographical and societal barriers. 

“Sanchita in our new video lives in Nepal is just one of our 10,000 freelancers around the world using Work for Impact to find jobs. 

“All across Asia and beyond, we’re offering opportunities where previously there haven’t been those opportunities, we’re helping to keep families together, and to help keep young men and women stay connected to their cultures and communities by finding remote work in their chosen field.

“Our vision is to contribute to a fairer way of working that brings life to meaningful projects, opportunities to economically vulnerable populations and has a positive effect on our environment,” says Geoff. 

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