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Everything you need to leverage independent contractors to fulfill your talent needs.

Global talent hiring

Option 1

Hire independent contractors on our platform

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Step 1

Post a job

Describe the job, set terms, and add requirements, like skill set and level of experience. To accelerate your shortlisting process, you can include screening questions too.

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Step 2

Invite job candidates

Instantly get matched with talent and start receiving proposals. You can also search our talent pool for job candidates, filtering by skill set, location, and more.

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Step 3

Hire in a click

Favorite proposals and hold interviews with your shortlist of job candidates. Once you’ve made a decision, simply send an offer and wait for the independent contractor to accept.

Option 2

Let us hire for you

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Concierge Hiring

Skip the talent hiring process and let our Concierge Hiring team find the perfect candidate for you. Talk to one of our talent experts, tell them about your hiring strategy and the role(s) you need filling, and we’ll handle the rest.

Project management & collaboration

Collaborate with your hires

Message your hires, join in-app video and voice meetings, and share documents. You’re welcome to add independent contractors you’ve hired to your own collaboration tools too.

Manage your remote team

Understand who’s working on which project at a glance, and delve into hourly contract work logs. For fixed-price jobs, you can set up milestones to track progress easily.

Add your in-house team

Give any team and employee the power to hire and collaborate with independent contractors in our international talent pool, while maintaining full admin visibility and permissions control.

HR, payroll & admin

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Pay independent contractors globally

Automate payroll management, invoicing, and protected payments to independent contractors in 200+ countries. You can also review timesheets before billing.

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Streamline financial reporting

Download invoices and generate custom financial reports. Get granular insights into outsourced talent utilization by team, project spend across teams and hires, and more.

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Adjust your talent’s contract terms

Request rate changes, give bonuses, increase hourly limits, and pause contracts. You have full flexibility in every talent contract, allowing you to scale up or cut down in a few clicks.

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Award-winning HR support

Alongside our global talent platform, we provide bespoke HR support. Our in-house team can help you recruit exceptional independent contractors, simplify talent management, and create an agile workforce strategy that builds your competitive edge.

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