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Affordable, high-quality global health insurance for independent contractors

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Independent contractors face unique challenges, especially when they fall ill. That’s why, in partnership with SafetyWing, we’re giving clients the option of providing comprehensive health coverage for their independent contractors, with an exclusive 15% discount for our community. This allows you to not only protect your workforce’s well-being but also improve the stability and efficiency of your business operations.

Everything your independent contractors need to protect their livelihood

Use the insurance at any clinic or hospital, private or public in 175+ countries.

24/7 friendly customer support for claims, questions, and any concerns.

Add dependents such as a spouse, domestic partner, or children.

No deductible – the insurance starts paying for healthcare costs immediately.

Provide Insurance

Gift your independent contractors with global health insurance

Request a meeting to find out more information, or go straight ahead and tell us who you'd like to provide health insurance for. We'll get back to you with next steps ASAP!

I'd like to provide health insurance. What information do I need to give you?

  • Names of independent contractors (e.g. "Ella P.") OR groups of independent contractors (e.g. "everyone in the Philippines")
  • The plan you'd like to provide (Standard, Premium, or Premium Plus)

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How do I provide independent contractors with health insurance?

1. First, reach out to us at with:

  • Names of independent contractors (e.g. "Ella P.") OR groups of independent contractors (e.g. "everyone in the Philippines") you’d like to provide insurance for
  • The plan you'd like to provide (Standard, Premium, or Premium Plus)

2. We will email you the Work for Impact profile links of the independent contractors you have selected.

3. Once you have confirmed the identities of the independent contractors, they will be sent a link and prompted to provide their details.

4. We will send you an invoice for the health insurance.

5. Once you have paid the invoice, the independent contractor’s health insurance will be activated within two business days.

6. We will contact you before the end of the three-month renewal period to remind you to reevaluate the independent contractors you’re providing health insurance for.

What if I, a client, have questions?

Whether you’re providing SafetyWing x Work for Impact health insurance for your independent contractors or you’re considering it, our friendly team is here to explain the policy’s details and answer any questions you have. Just send an email to to request more information or schedule a call.

Which countries are covered?

We offer health insurance for independent contractors across 175+ countries. You can check out the full list of countries here.

How long does the policy last?

The coverage has a minimum duration of three months. We will contact you before the renewal date to remind you to reevaluate the independent contractors you're providing insurance for.

How much does the health insurance cost?

You can find the pricing chart here. The cost of the insurance depends on the plan you select (Standard, Premium, or Premium Plus), as well as the age of the independent contractor.

Once you have told us the independent contractors you’d like to provide insurance for, they will receive a link and be prompted to provide their information, including their age. At this point, we will notify you of the exact cost.

What’s the deductible?

The deductible is $0, which means independent contractors don’t need to pay anything out of pocket before receiving reimbursement for claims.

Can independent contractors add a family member to their policy?

Yes, you can allow independent contractors to add eligible dependents, like a spouse, domestic partner, and children.

How does payment work if someone needs to see a doctor?

Independent contractors have two options for payment, based on their preference and situation.

1. Direct billing: SafetyWing provides direct billing for in-patient and day-patient treatment (admitted to hospital). This means they handle all payments directly with the hospital, so independent contractors don't have to pay out of pocket. Direct billing is available for both emergency admissions or planned procedures.

2. Pay out of pocket and submit a claim: Independent contractors can pay out of pocket for their visit and then submit a claim for reimbursement online. Claims are paid within 1-4 days.

Is COVID-19 covered?

Yes, this global health insurance has no exclusions for pandemics, so independent contractors will get a full refund for any treatment required in a hospital.