Work For Impact

Workplace giving for all | Millie | Rachel Klausner

Millie has changed the rules of workplace giving. Has made CSR programs accessible to small companies. From matching employee donations to volunteer events and bespoke campaigns. We have met Rachel Klausner the founder and CEO at Millie, the workplace giving platform that lets companies of all sizes start social impact programs. Millie’s mission is to build […]

Cartoons with an impact | Ubongo | Christina Bwana

Ubongo is an NGO, with a clear mission: “to use top quality, localized edutainment to help Africa’s 440 million kids learn, and leverage their learning to change their lives“. Ahead of World Children’s Day, we wanted to share this important project, that significantly improves school readiness and learning outcomes for kids, and also promotes social […]

Share more and waste less |OLIO | Saasha Celestial-One

Food waste is a serious matter, according to UNEP’s latest research “estimates suggest that 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that is not consumed“. That’s why Saasha Celestial-One together with Tessa Clarke decided to create OLIO. It’s a free app connecting individuals within a community to share food and other household […]

Fighting plastic pollution and helping communities | ReSea Project | Kenny Louring

Kenny Louring is the Marketing Manager at ReSea Project. He looks after all the marketing, communication, and commercial activities at ReaSea, an organization at the forefront of fighting plastic pollution. Their cleanup solution is community-driven. Meaning that they employ people in local communities to recover plastic waste polluting oceans and rivers. Their impact is solely […]

How activists can collaborate | Raymond Laracuenta | We Act

Three years ago Raymond Laracuenta, CEO of Oblivion Software, started his journey with We Act. We Act Is a social collaboration platform for activism. The chat app is designed to amplify grassroots activism, providing social movements the tools for more effective ways to communicating and organizing. In this interview, Raymond has shared the story since […]