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Heather Seely

Freelance writer, barefoot wanderer, and wannabe homesteader

Heather Seely is a freelance writer, barefoot wanderer, and wannabe homesteader. Earth is her muse when she's not sharing stories about our home, she's outside exploring it.

  • Top Corporate Social Responsibility Trends 2022

    Every business has an impact on society. Now, more than ever before, having a positive impact is increasingly important. Enter corporate social responsibility (CSR), an obligation a company makes towards supporting people, communities, and the world at large. Between humanitarian projects, environmental projects, and companies that go above and beyond to support their employees, there

  • Why Local Freelancers Can Help You Expand Into New Markets

    For most companies, entering a new overseas market is a key step towards expansion. If you wish to expand to international markets to bring about new opportunities and further your impact, local freelancers may be the key to doing so. This article will shed light on why local freelancers are part and parcel of an