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Why We Verify Our Freelancers

At Work for Impact, we’re committed to verifying our freelancers. We recommend that all of our freelancers go through our identity verification process and pass assessments for any skills they wish to list on their profile. This not only provides benefits for our clients, but our freelancers themselves.

Here are a few of the reasons why we verify our freelancers.

Protect Our Clients

We want to give our clients peace of mind that the freelancers they’re working with are who they claim to be in their profile, and have the skills they say they have.

Unfortunately, there are a number of fraudsters on the internet that are looking to take advantage of organisations. By giving clients the option of choosing verified freelancers, we can help them avoid this type of individual.

When using verified freelancers, clients can spend less time performing background checks and more time working on projects that make a positive impact.

Protect Our Freelancers

Our verification process isn’t just for the benefit of our clients.
It protects our freelancers as well.

Freelance platforms that don’t verify their freelancers expose themselves to scammers and bad actors who don’t have the skills and knowledge they say they do. These people steal jobs from qualified freelancers and dilute their value.

When a large number of freelancers fail to meet expectations, it hurts the earning potential of everyone. Organisations become reluctant to hire freelancers and aren’t willing to pay as much for their services.

By allowing freelancers to verify their identity and skills, it gives them a way to separate themselves from those who are dishonest about their experience. It ensures their reputation won’t be damaged by imposters and allows them to continue to thrive on our platform.