Work For Impact

Transparency of Fees

At Work for Impact, we believe in being as transparent as possible about the way we do business. All of our fees are clearly explained and laid out so you know exactly how much you’re paying, and what you’re paying for, at all times. If you have questions about any of the fees you’re charged, please reach out to us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

Charitable Donations:

6% of Work for Impact’s total revenue will be donated to pre-approved charities. Organisations can apply to have their charity listed.

Our Fees

Clients pay a 4% processing fee on top of all payments to freelancers. Note: As more clients join the platform and our transaction volume increases we will work with our provider to lower our fees and pass the savings on to you.

Example 1

Freelancer Payment: $100 | Processing Fee: 4%

You work with a new Freelancer and post a job for $100, our fee will be $100 x 4% = $4 Your total fee will be $104.

Our Packages

All freelancers can automatically start with our Free Package. These accounts don’t come with any added costs, besides the fees stated above.

However, for a monthly fee Work for Impact offers an Impactful Package option for both freelancers and clients that includes several additional features to help them get the most out of the platform.

Free Package

  • Advertise your freelance opportunities to a global pool of skilled workers.
  • Advanced job posts and proposal management
  • Flexible work arrangements with fixed-price or hourly terms
  • Safe and secure options for paying your freelancers.
  • 25 free Impacts per month.
  • Customizable organisation profile
  • A sophisticated job centre that allows users to share files, communicate in real time, leave feedback, and track the progress of their jobs
  • Hire freelancers and manage projects using our innovative job centre.

Our Packages

Clients also have the option of paying for additional addons that will allow them to post more jobs and get found by more freelancers:


Clients can purchase additional Impacts to allow them to post more jobs and invite more freelancer to their projects. Job postings and invites cost 1 Impact. Impacts are sold in the following bundles:

Free Package

10 x $8.99
20 x $17.99
30 x $24.99

Impactful Package

10 x $6.99
20 x $13.99
30 x $19.99

Project Boost

Clients can choose to boost their job post to allow it to be seen by more freelancers.

Free Package

$25 / week

Impactful Package

$20 / week

What Do Your Fees Pay For?

All fees paid to Work for Impact go towards improving the platform for users and furthering our mission of building a better world for everyone to enjoy.

Note: The above percentages are approximations. We may change the allocation of our expenses depending on our needs