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New Teams integration: Invite other users to manage jobs, contracts, and more.

15 Jun 2021

We are excited to announce that very soon, we will be launching a new feature that will bring teamwork on platform to another level for both Clients and Freelancers.

Clients will have the chance to create a Team within their profile and invite other users to manage jobs, contracts, freelancers, and settings on their behalf.

A Client will have the option to act as an organisation (a company). Meaning, for example, a single user will be able to provide their organisation’s details on the “Settings” page within their account.

The organisation’s details will include:

  • Name
  • Registration number
  • Address
  • Payment methods
  • Logo
  • Financial reports
  • Package type
  • Impacts and boosts

Currently, a Client can post jobs, invite freelancers, etc. Some Clients, however, want to invite other users to their account to take specific actions on their behalf. This is where Teams come into play.

A Client can create a Team and give it a name and a colour (the Teams will be colour-coded for easier visual identification). Then a Client can invite any number of users to their Teams. They can invite the freelancers they know (i.e. those with whom they have worked already) or people who don’t have an account yet. 

These users are collectively known as Team Members. They can have different customisable permissions (e.g. to post jobs, hire freelancers, charge hourly rates, add and remove other Team Members, etc.).

There will be two types of permissions: Team-wide and organisation-wide. Team-wide permissions will apply only within a given team (e.g. to post jobs in this team, to add Members to this team). Organisation-wide permissions will allow a Member to modify the organisation’s details listed above (e.g. to add and remove payment methods, to change the organisation’s name, to access the organisation’s financial reports). 

A single user can be a Team Member within multiple organisations run by different Clients. 

For this reason, we’re introducing the option to switch between the available profiles.

Benefits for Clients using Team integration:

  • Easy way to delegate and separate tasks and responsibilities. For example, a Client may have three Teams taking care of different aspects of their organisation: Marketing Team, Support Team and Development Team. Each of these teams has its own Members and can post jobs relevant to what they do. 
  • Layers of permissions. The permissions will be customisable (with a couple of predefined roles for easier setup) so that a Client can give each Team Member their own unique permissions, or easily create classes of Members (e.g. managers, spectators, etc.)
  • Budget control. Financial reporting will be available on a per-team basis. 
  • Providing secure access for multiple employees/coworkers. 

We hope you are just as excited about this feature as we are, we will be sharing more information, including the official launch date, soon.