Less than 1000 employees


27 May 2021

Women Farmers Research Consultant

Fixed Price - $7000 Project Deadline - 14 Aug 2021 Intermediate

Job Description

Problem we’d like to solve: How might myAgro Senegal enroll more women in our program to ensure they get the inputs (seed and fertilizer) needed for their farming activity? 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop research plans & activities (e.g. farmer interviews, vendor focus groups) with the appropriate tools for activities have been developed (e.g. questionnaires, design tools)

  • Write a research report with clear recommendations to be implemented before the end of July

  • Use or create a research process that can be replicated by myAgro, and document it in a play-book 

  • Work with a cross departmental myAgro team that has been trained on the research activities and outcomes to create buy-in for the larger organization on the proposed recommendations

Is this the Role for You?

You are RIGHT for this role if…

  • You are passionate about women’s empowerment and inclusion

  • You are skilled at program research and operations

  • You have led field design research in gender projects and/or in agriculture

  • You have some on the ground experience in West Africa, preferably Senegal

You are NOT qualified for this job if…

  • You have no field research or operational experience

  • You are not fluent in English and French

  • You have no experience in West Africa

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Client Details

Less than 1000 employees


About Us:

myAgro helps farmers move out of poverty: we do this with a simple approach. We help farmers manage their cash flow better – at harvest time when farmers have more cash, they can lock away their funds for seeds and fertilizer for the next season. They pay using their mobile phone (or mobile money in Tanzania) and myAgro delivers the inputs they’ve paid for before it rains and provides technical training so farmers know how to use the inputs efficiently. This leads to 50% more food and 50% more income per farm. To date myAgro serves 89,000 farmers and will scale to 1 million farmers by 2025. The award-winning team has received recognition from Skoll Foundation, Echoing Green, World Bank, Bill Gates and more.  

Location: Senegal
Timezone: Africa/Dakar / ( 09:34 )